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Are You in the Pit?

Those who feel under-whelmed with life or who may be battling sickness are prime targets.
Those who feel under-whelmed with life or who may be battling sickness are prime targets.
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Is your life the pits? Many pits are out there; relational, financial, even the going nowhere and feeling bored out of your mind pits! There are lots of pits to choose from. Some pits we are thrown into by our ex-best friend. Other pits seem to be thrust upon us in the midst of a crisis. But there’s another pit that is slick, slippery and sometimes sexy enough to draw us in or at least seduce us to the side so we can peer in and see what’s down there. This is the dark and dangerous pit of self-pity. This stealth seductress chooses to slide into the minds of those who are weary and exhausted.

Those who feel under-whelmed with life or who may be battling sickness are also prime targets. Here are some power plays to push self-pity away and to pull you out of the pit if indeed you have fallen in and can’t get out.

Get Physical – Physical exercise is an amazing stress release and makes way for the brain to receive some good endorphins. Working up a sweat will aid in pushing the poisons out which can sometimes be a contributor to possessing a toxic attitude.

Get Grateful – When self-pity is running a monologue in the mind, feeling grateful is usually not a natural tendency. Adopting the habit of writing down things that we appreciate in our lives will enable us to focus on the good from the get-go. Some days the list may have simple selections like “I’m grateful for a hot cup of coffee or a good night’s rest”, but the items listed are not as critical as the attitude of gratitude we create in making the list.

Fill Up Before the Blow Up - Creating a daily routine of waking up and reading ten pages of a personal development book will also set one’s self up for a successful day. It’s a wonderful thing to realize we are in control of our time and what we do with the smallest doses can impact our lives and those around us in remarkable ways.

Turbulent Torpedo Triad - When feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or just plain grumpy do one or some of these three activities to find relief: Eat, shower or nap. Toddlers, teens and adults can all benefit from making use of these options and here is the logic behind it. When we are upset we are draining vitamins and minerals from our system. Oftentimes our blood sugar level has dropped and even though we may not feel hungry, the drop in blood sugar will cause us to react harshly. Putting in some healthy nutritious snack can elevate our sugar level and our ability to communicate better. Jumping in for a quick shower (or even a long soak in the tub) can soothe the soul as we wash away the angry attitudes that plague us. And finally, taking a nap provides for a little R&R which is always beneficial in helping to re-adjust the tone of the day.

So whether one slides in to the pit of self-pity or jumps in of their own accord, know that there is always a way out. When we choose to participate in our own rescue by taking action, we not only enjoy the ride so much more, but we grow all the more wiser as we embrace the power plays to push self-pity away.

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