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'Are You The One?' contestant not so single after all

Dre McCoy is passing himself off as a single man but it turns out he's actually married.
MTV Press

The MTV reality series "Are You The One?" is a show where single men and women must find their "perfect match" in order to win a cash prize. On Feb. 11, TMZ reported that one of those single men might not be so single after all.

Andrean "Dre" McCoy (23) has been passing himself off as a single man but it has been reported that he is actually married with a new baby. The report states that McCoy and wife Tiffany Gore were found out through a less than year old wedding registry.

What makes matters worse is that his wife seems to be in on the scam. Tiffany Gore appeared on the show as his ex and told the other cast mates that she is his number one booty call. She made no mention of being his wife or having his child.

Sources at MTV have said they had no idea of Dre McCoy's marital status until recently. Now they are claiming that Dre and Tiffany are separated and getting a divorce. Is that true or is this couple just looking for a quick television show paycheck? It sounds pretty shady considering she came on the show and vouched for him.

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