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Are You The Crab In The Barrel?

Hmm, where shall I begin? As a Personal Evolution Coach I consult individuals on just about anything. From achieving daily goals to achieving life long goals in business, career, finance & romance. I am giving motivation, encouragement and helping them see the bigger picture, helping them create their world. I use many of the principles from The Law of Attraction which states basically that what you focus on the most is what you attract. So if you focus on bad you attract bad and/or if you focus on good you attract good.

I said that to say this……

Have you heard the expression ”like crabs in a barrel” ? I am sure you have, but if you haven’t imagine this for a moment. In a barrel full of crabs each crab is trying very hard to get out and each time one gets to the top another crab pulls it back down, so the crab that was on the top now has to start its journey from the bottom again.

Many times individuals use this term to describe when others try to bring them down when that are doing well or moving ahead. Well to be honest, we can be our own “crab in the barrel” when we constantly focus on negative things or negative self-talk.

So are you a your own crab in the barrel? If you doubt yourself and what you can do, if you feel that your wants are beyond what you can have, talk yourself out of your dreams, or give up too soon, then you are probably your own crab.

In order to begin living a life without limits you must have a positive mind-set. A positive mind-set is one where you have more positive thoughts than negative thoughts. Positive attitudes affect everything and everyone around you. When you have a positive outlook on life and spread happiness and joy to others then you will begin to feel an inner change, a shift in the dynamics of your own life. Your goals become closer and you begin to be more confident.

Faith is a necessary part of positive thinking as well. You have to just flat-out believe that you can accomplish every goal you set before you. Faith and fear can not co-exist. You have to choose which one is going to rule your thoughts. Choosing faith will explode your life with all the things you desires to have and do. Choose fear and your life will be full of struggle and hardships.

Taking action will also stop you from being the crab. Once you decide what you want, have faith that you can have it, then you must take action in achieving your goals. Being able to look at your overall goals, the big picture, and take little steps right now to achieve that goal.

Remember that you create your life as you go along, the greatest gift of life is you get to decide how to live it. Change your mind-set today and see you life change minute by minute. The Law of Attraction is always working, so make sure you are using it to create what you want.


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