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Are you suffering from adrenal fatigue?

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Stress causes weight fluctuations, chronic subluxations (needed adjustments) and fatigue. All of this can be due to your body being deficient in vitamins/minerals and/or being toxic. Nutritional deficiencies cause underlying weakness in your body’s tissues, which directly interfere with your nervous system. Toxins are all around us in our environment and refined foods, not allowing us to heal properly.

Adrenal Symptoms:
Unable to rest at night
Tired around 10am, 2pm and 4pm
Excess stress & worry
Craving salt
Retaining water, around ankles
“7 Principles of Fat Burning”-Eric Berg DC

Additional Adrenal Depletion Common Symptoms:

• Constant tiredness
• Arthritis
• Inability to cope with stress
• Reduced sex drive
• Low back pain
• Depression
• Blood sugar issues
• Sighing & yawning
• Obesity
• Recurrent infections
• Irritability
• Craving sweet/salty foods
• Irrational anxiety
• Infertility
• Hormonal imbalance

Cortisol Flip

Cortisol is involved in balancing blood glucose, immune system response, bone turnover rate, mood and thought, REM sleep, can inhibit conversion from T4 to T3, protein catabolism (breakdown of protein).

High cortisol leads to low DHEA, which results in insomnia. Your cortisol levels should be high in the morning and low at night. If you have a hard time falling asleep at night and a difficult time waking up in the morning, your cortisol levels may have flipped (high at night, low in am).
DHEA is an anti-aging hormone responsible for lowering abdominal fat, increased libido, improves memory and enhances immunity.

A Viscous Cycle

50% of patients with hypothyroidism also have adrenal fatigue or depletion. Cortisol, mentioned above, also controls thyroid hormone production. Low thyroid levels cause an automatic increase in cortisol, increasing estrogen and inflammation. Thyroid medication will not work until your adrenal glands are supported. If you have been on thyroid medication for a long time, but your doctor tells you that your levels are “normal”, your adrenals could be the problem.

In order to have healthy adrenal function, sleep must be corrected; in order to have good sleep, adrenals must be restored.
There are different herbs, called adaptogens and tonics, which help to support the function of the adrenal glands and to decrease the detrimental effects of stress on the adrenal glands.
In order to have healthy adrenal function, sleep must be corrected; in order to have good sleep, adrenals must be restored. The goals of reversing adrenal depletion are to support adrenal gland function with adrenal restorative herbs and to decrease the detrimental effects of stress on the adrenal glands with adaptogens.


Rhodiola is an adrenal tonic that helps to support the adrenal cortex. Other tonics include, Rhemannia and Licorice. Tonics increase or release adaptation energy, aka “instant energy”.

Adaptogens, such as Eleuthero or Ashwaganda (Withania), conserve energy over time. Adaptogens help to improve adaptation to stress, promote regeneration, increased concentration, fewer mental errors, may help to make the stress response cycle more efficient, increased glucocoticoid action.
Herbs, vitamins and supplements must be of high quality in order to be effective, absorbed and utilized by the body. Artificial ingredients, dyes and chemicals can have the opposite no effect on your health.

Schedule a consultation with your healthcare provider to see if you are suffering from adrenal fatigue. Chiropractors, nutritionists and other holistic medical providers may be able to help with your diagnosis and management of this condition.

Please Note: Always consult with your healthcare professional before supplementing with vitamins/herbs.