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Are you stuck in the Left-Right box world?

The reason the political, social and cultural discourse in the United States is so divisive, so rancorous, so deeply vitriolic, is because so few think outside of their own cherished box any more.

American political aggressionists have divided themselves into two boxes and spend their lives attempting to impose their own rule on the other box, and onto everyone else in the world.
Garry Reed/ free images

There was a time in America when the vast majority of people who held opposing views – left and right, liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans – all fought it out inside the same box.

The box in which they thought inside was The United States of America and the discourse that took place inside that box was over policy disagreements.

The few who thought outside that box, ideologues like American socialists and communists, John Birchers and ultra nationalists, were few and far between in comparison.

Today those who still think inside the box of America on important issues think inside a very small box. The majority of Americans has divvied themselves up into two large opposing boxes and spew hatred back and forth against one another.

There is a Big Left Box that demands that everyone within its cardboard walls think in lockstep; people in politically protected "victim groups" are sacrosanct and everyone else is evil.

There is a Big Right Box that demands that everyone between their box flaps think in lockstep; people who blindly adhere to "God and Country" traditionalism are sacrosanct and everyone else is evil.

All of the old "outside-the-box" thinkers, the socialists, the communists, the Birchers, the nationalists, have been sucked into one or the other box. They may all squabble amongst themselves within their individual boxes but they spew toxic venom from box to box.

Libertarians are the only ones who think outside both of these ideological boxes today.

And what they see is that the dwellers of both boxes share one great curse that destroys all the good that each otherwise has to offer the other.

They are both categorically committed to coercion.

It's that blindly dogged insistence on coercion that both frightens and repulses both boxes of people, the knowledge that both left and right is driven by the desire to seize the monopoly power of government and use it as a hammer to impose its will on the other.

Libertarians unequivocally reject that coercion. With coercion criminalized and vigorously abolished all of the rancor, the vitriol, the acrimony, the nastiness becomes nothing more than protected free speech which neither coerces nor threatens anyone.

It then becomes, albeit rancorously, "living in peace."

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