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Are You Saving Daylight If Your Wasting Time?

Get ahead before you fall behind.
Get ahead before you fall behind.
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The biggest problem with Daylights savings time is not keeping track of which direction your suppose to turn the clock, forward or back. It is not when to do it, because it’s all over the news and on most calendars. It’s not even remembering exactly when to do it, 2 am or 1am Sunday night? The hardest issue is the countless amounts of employees who show up to work on Sunday or even Monday late for work because they “claim” they forgot to change their alarm clock.

Here are some steps I have done in the past to save myself the headache and my employees the embarrassment:
1. Post reminders by the time clocks, break rooms, rest rooms, locker rooms, even in their paychecks on Friday (if possible).
2.Send out an email to everyone, every day until it happens.
3.Make sure it’s at the beginning and end of every staff meeting held this week
4.When people leave on Friday’s, tell them to set their watches now, so they will remember to do it on Sunday.
5.Challenge all your supervisors and other managers to make sure all their people will be on time and those who don’t have to buy cupcakes for everyone else.

The purpose of this is selfish but productive. Selfish because as an Operations Manager, nothing is more frustrating than having a few of your employees show up late then blame the most publicized event of the previous week as their excuse. You know they are either lying to you or are they actually just that lazy and inconsiderate of others, but either way it’s not worth the headache.

As an Human Resources Manager, well you’re going to be the one dealing with the attendance violations and the morale issues it causes when “those” people use this as just another excuse to not be on time.

So let’s do all of us a favor here in the great northwest and not only welcome the extra day light hours, but let’s continue our push for more positive and less negative energy in the cubical forest.

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