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Are you really into taboo sex?

Taboo Sex
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A taboo is basically considered to be those practices that have been religiously prohibited or socially unacceptable. But when it comes to modern couples, a word like “taboo sex” does not exist in their dictionary. Even though there are some sexual acts that are no longer considered to be a taboo like oral sex, masturbating and homosexuality, a lot of them are still under the shadow, raising quite a lot of controversies like “unnatural sex”.

In this article, we’ll explore some sexual acts that are still considered a taboo sex by many couples, but are also being enjoyed as “treasures of pleasure” by many others around the world.

Anal Sex

Anal sex has been a hot topic among many modern couples, and surprisingly a lot of them have had given it at least one shot. However, it is still considered a taboo among many couples for many reasons. One of the reasons is that most people think that it is a place that is made to excrete the waste and nothing should go in. And of course, many women disapprove the idea of anal sex due to the pain they’ve to bear.

But as many women have had already tried it, it has turned out to be an excellent way to keep the flames burning as it makes a great source of pleasure. Penetrating a woman’s back can lead to orgasm for everyone.

Sex During Menstruation

Go back in the history and you’ll find a lot of misconceptions about menstruating women. In many religions, it was seen as a form of punishment and negativity. As a result, women were kept separate from other family members throughout their periods. But hey, it is a sign of fertility, and guess modern mindset by far accepts this reality. A fertile woman is capable of bringing happiness and not “curse”.

Having sex with a woman while she's on her periods might not be a welcoming idea. This is because a lot of couples think that it is a hygienic activity and should be avoided for at least 3 initial days. But does everyone think the same? Nah! A lot of people have already thought about indulging in sex during periods and women have recorded to feel more confident and sexually pleased during those days. As for guys, make sure your woman agrees to it before putting on the condom!


Everyone is born with some or the other kind of obsession when it comes to sex. What are you obsessed about? Is it lingerie, heels, pigtails, thongs, latex, armpits, or her perfume? Fetishes and sexual desires have become quite common among couples these days. They feel more open to discuss about their fetishes with each other and explore them. Read more: [The most common sexual fetishes]

Whether its her or his body parts, or some objects of pleasure, if you know about your little sex fixations, then there’s no harm in communicating them to your partner.

Group Sex

Sure, group sex has always been one of the biggest “taboo sex”. Not many women, even men feel comfortable undressing themselves in front of 5 other people. But the trend is shifting and today a lot of private clubs cater such events exclusively for those who enjoy indulging in such activities. Go to a party, remove clothing, add some condoms and you’re set to enjoy the night of your life. Read more:[Group sex: The history of swinging in Roman and Egyptian orgies]

Voyeur or Exhibitionist

If there's one taboo sex act that can make virtually everyone guilty of, it's either being an exhibitionist or voyeur. Men just love to use their visual skills to get indulged in their sexual fantasies. So if you want to use that telescope for something other than just stargazing, then it should not sound extraordinary.

At the same time, you can engage in some careless sex, leaving the blinds open while you are sex dancing. Anything that turns you both on should be good enough to make your pleasure time more exciting and enjoyable. While others may not be open to get caught in sexual acts, if this is not a taboo for you, you must give it a shot! Read more: Joining a swingers club is the best way to experience voyeurism]

As long as we’ll talk about sex, there will always be some or the other taboos to go along with it. The list of taboo sex is quite long and sexual acts involving animals, feces or even urine are too far from making to the mainstream. But a lot of people do enjoy getting involved in weirdest of weird sexual acts and wouldn’t mind trying anything that they can get their hold on.

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