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Are you ready to trust your heart?

Who are you giving your heart to?
Who are you giving your heart to?

When it comes to relationships one of the last things a person wants to give and to get back in return is their heart.

If you ask individuals what is the worst thing that can happen in a relationship in a lot of cases most will say getting their heart broken. Worst than that, getting it broken into little pieces and handed back.

There are not many individuals who can say that they have never experienced heart break. It seems to be part of the process which helps one to grow. Unfortunately, this is not understood until long after a broken heart has healed if at all.

Once a person learns that protecting ones heart is a must they then learn that that have to be more careful with whom they trust with it. At a certain point this becomes a lot easier.

As we grow when it comes to relationships, we learn what's important.

What's important is when it comes to meeting someone it is more than what's on the outside it what's on the inside as well. It's not about what they do it's about who they are. It's not about what they have materially it's about what they have spiritually and it all boils down to understanding who they are from the inside out. With this understanding when it comes to ones heart a person realizes that should find the one who will cherish and protected a heart once given as if it were their own.

When it comes to being in a relationship is your heart in the right place? Are you really ready for a relationship? Or, are you still picking up the pieces from a broken heart.

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