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Are You Ready to Become an Emperor in Elder Scroll Online?

The evolution of gaming has changed from the 60s to date. Do you remember the times of Nimrod and Spacewar when you loved to spend whole day being glued to your computer playing games? However, a lot has changed in the line of gaming; from the graphics to game play and single player gaming to multi-player gaming. The graphics have now improved so much that the characters seem just to be real people.

Are You Ready to Become an Emperor in Elder Scroll Online?

Even the online games are now very interactive and can act as a social interaction medium between players. Unlike the first-generation online game where they were single player, developers have come up with online games that offer multi-player experience. Elder Scroll Online is one such game that is adored by players for the experiences it offers. Elder Scroll Online is due to be released in April 2014 for PC and MAC OS and in June for the gaming consoles.

What Makes Elder Scroll Online Worth Waiting…

This new version of Elder Scroll comes with much better graphics and even more options. The options vary from which alliance you want to join; one gets to edit their character’s looks and features according to what they feel is appropriate. The role-playing online game gives online users a chance to choose the type of weapon and also a protective gear.

In the previous elder scroll versions, there used to be individual enemies, but in order to develop more interest and due to many invasions, alliances have been introduced in the new version. Zenmax Online Studios has made the online game much interesting and explorative by introducing an Emperor in CyrodiiL. The emperor has fallen, and the ruby title is free now; players have a chance to earn that title, which is not going to be easy. Players will have to fight against each other, and the best player will win the title.

Tokens will be collected by players when fights are won; there’ll be other collectives to heal allies during the battle and gain more experience. According to an official from, “The new options with bonuses and collectives will make each player be more vigilant and aggressive, because the alliance points that will be earned upon capturing enemies will not only earn players experience in the game and benefit their alliances, but will also help them win new territories making the game even more exciting”.

The beta version of the game has just been released to be sampled by the players. Also, the developers kept on releasing helpful hints. Elder Scroll Online is the game to look forward to.

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