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Are you ready Hawaii?

Always be prepared!
Always be prepared!
Julie Wanner, CMA, AS, FIFHI Certified, Author of "Diabetes Can Be Sweet...Once You Bury It."

If you live in the state of Hawaii you should have already prepared for Hurricane Iselle as well as Hurricane Julio. Also, if you’re a tourist visiting one of our beautiful islands know that you’re in good hands. The state of Hawaii does a great job keeping all of us informed and prepared for any type of emergency. Unfortunately, Hurricane Iselle effects have been reported from the Big Island. Hurricane Julio has just entered the purview of the Central Pacific Hurricane Center.

Hawaii News Now reports an estimated 30,000 people live in Waikiki and thousands more are packing hotels every day. I’m here to report on what to do if you have diabetes. First you always need to make sure you have enough insulin, insulin syringes, oral medications, blood glucose testing strips, lancets, and meter. In addition, keep your First Aid Kit with you at all times. Remember, this is not the time to run out! Also, during stressful times blood sugars can increase or even decrease with extra physical activity. You’ll need to have some form of glucose and juice with you at all times. In addition, canned foods should be available as well as nuts and trail-mix. Please be sure and have plenty of bottled water too. Start eating your fresh fruits/vegetables first or anything else that may spoil.

It is vital that you check your blood sugars more often and stay hydrated. Stay calm and do not panic. Dress in cotton clothing and wear comfortable shoes. Now is not the time to have any blisters or major injuries. It is critical that you check your feet daily and keep them clean, dry, and infection-free. Diabetes is a serious disease and many people in Hawaii have it. This is the time to keep your immune system healthy so it can fight against any enemy that comes in its path. Whether it is hurricane stress, infection, allergies, or disease your body’s natural defenses can beat it!

Stay tuned to Hawaii News Now for the latest Hurricane updates. Much mahalo to everyone for your prayers!

Be safe my friends. Much Aloha, Julie

Source: Hawaii News Now

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