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Are you ready for Google's space internet?

Are you ready for Space Internet?
Are you ready for Space Internet?

Space Internet sounds like a thing of the future, but Google is working to make it a reality right now. They currently have two programs, Project Loon and the Titan Drone, that are poised to change the landscape of the internet forever.

If you've ever traveled to a developing country, you know how hard it can be to stay connected. But in the near future, unmanned aircraft will create a communications net that will allow the whole world to be connected. At least that's the plan.

There is some question as to whether these methods will be used or accepted. Back in 1998, two companies tried to connect the world's voice and data services so you could use your cell phone anywhere. Both companies went bankrupt after a few years.

Will people in developing countries accept drones and balloons flying high overhead? Check out this infographic for more about these projects. Share it with your friends and join in the discussion.