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Are you ready for fishing this winter?

Use technology to your advantage.
Change spots every 30 minutes.
It could pay off, Crappie Time!!!
Use technology to your advantage. Change spots every 30 minutes. It could pay off, Crappie Time!!!
Thor Forsberg

It's that time of year. Make sure your ready for ice fishing. Do you have your hat, gloves, boots, bibs, rods, reels, lures, fish finders, tip-ups, heaters, licenses, augers and shanty? The real question is "Do you know where you are going and what you would like to catch?" Every body of water is different. They differ in many ways. From depth to bottom contours, weeds which attracted different fish and various structures. No matter what the environment, you will find fish. These fish vary in species, size and will eat different foods depending on the weather and water conditions. From barometric pressure to temperature changes you need to know what works. Fish are always hungry, as long as you have the right bait and equipment then you stand a good chance of catching something.

Once you choose a location you need to ask yourself what you know about that body of water. Do you have the right equipment for your fishing experience? Have you researched the body of water you are fishing? Have you looked on the internet? Have you asked local bait shops any questions about the location you selected? These are some ways to find out what to do and what to bring when you go out on your adventure. Remember this, fishing is an experience whether you catch fish or not. It's all about being in the outdoors, away from the stresses of life. "A bad day of fishing beats a good day at work." Are you ready for fishing this winter?

Remember to practice safe ice etiquette.  Check the ice thickness before you get too far out and try to bring safety spikes.  Springs could be prevalent and can be dangerous.  You should always practice keeping your ice fishing area clean. When you are done fishing, make sure to clean up any garbage for the sake of others and the wildlife.

Good fishing!



  • budy 5 years ago

    i did not learn anythig from this what type of lure, line size, what type of rod??????????????? i am a bit lost

  • crapi time 5 years ago

    Great information on were to look for info time to hit the ice

  • Tom 5 years ago

    I understand what your point is. I don't think the last comment form budy understands the value of your point you are driving, which is getting ready to fish. You have been very helpful by answering my email. thanks

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