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Are you ready for '2012'?

2012 is an excellent adventure in which Dr. Adrian Helmsley (living in 2009) learns that the earths core is heating up.  He informs the president that if they don't take extreme measures, the whole entire race will be no longer.  Meanwhile (in 2012) writer Jackson Curtis travels to Yellowstone National Park on a camping trip with his two kids.  While there they meet conspiracy theorist Charlie Frost.  Charlie talks about how the Mayans predicted the world would end in 2012.  When Curtis begins to return home, cracks in the earth start happening along the San Andreas Fault.  As well as cracks, earthquakes also start appearing.  Curtis and his family begins to fly to Yellowstone to get the map from Frost, while battling to get out of all the natural disasters.  This movie is one of the most genius films out there.  The CGI is brought to a new level of excellence.  The acting coming from John Cusack and Amanda Peet is by far the best from the two.  If you have seen, and liked the movie Independence Day you will like this one even better.

'2012' movie poster
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