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Are you proud to be an American?

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Are you proud to be an American?

Our Constitution affords us certain rights as citizens of the United States of America.

How do you feel then to know that a terrorist can and do enjoy our American rights?

A Florida judge, Judge Scriven has granted a terrorist prisoner the right to wear muslim garb in court. The catch is the prisoner’s own family refuse to pay for it, and expect taxpayers to pay. The judge agreed.
Yes!! You read that right! We, the Florida taxpayers will have to pay for this prisoner’s muslim clothing!
His mission was to commit mass murder in the name of
Islam and Jihad, and so we reward him??

Judge Scriven already made an unusual concession by allowing the prisoner to remain seated when the judge enters the courtroom. The longtime custom of showing respect when the judge enters the courtroom, and the court bailiff calls out, “All rise” has been suspended for this prisoner due to religious beliefs!

Shame on Judge Scriven for allowing this hypocrisy and disrespect in a United States court of law. We need judges and lawyers and politicians and everyday people to be proud of being an American, and stop these shenanigans.

The more you give, the more they take.
There is no such thing as “equal rights” any more.

Equal rights are all special and separate from our Constitution, and we are enduring reverse discrimination in so many ways.

Stand up and be counted as a proud American, and help to keep our Constitutional rights!



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