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Are you pronouncing Lara Croft's name correctly?

Tomb Raider introduced the world to Lara Croft. Even though the first game appeared fifteen years ago, people are still not sure how to pronounce it. The second Tomb Raider movie does nothing to clarify the issue. Characters call the title character Laura, Lah-ra or Lair-a.

Some people, including one employee of the Terre Haute social security office, believe that Laura is a "close enough" pronunciation, but this is an incorrect attitude. The names are not forms of each other, and even originate from different languages. Nerds who obsess over more than video games want to debate word history, but the average gamer needs to know how to pronounce Lara Croft’s first name.

The Tomb Raider’s protagonist’s first name is pronounced Lah-ra. Celebrities and columnists who write about video games pronounce their names to rhyme with Sarah. People often place an unnecessary 'u' in the name, but most people named Lara are used to this treatment. If someone encounters someone with the name in real life, they can always ask how she pronounces her the person asking the question is not sure.

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