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Are you prepared to be a Hero of Hope?

Family Shelter Service and the Cast Members of Completely Crazy are ready to be Heroes for Hope, are you?
Family Shelter Service and the Cast Members of Completely Crazy are ready to be Heroes for Hope, are you?
Family Shelter Service

As many people find out at some point in their lives, heroes come in all sizes, shapes, colors and ages. The recipients of the good works provided by the Family Shelter Service in DuPage County, Illinois, can attest to the many heroes it takes to help them escape from domestic abuse situations.

If you are lucky enough to not be privy to domestic abuse, there are a few things you can learn about this harrowing topic. Statistics of Domestic Violence report that:

· Abuse occurs in all races, economic classes, and educational levels.

· 94% of victims are females.

· 31% of the women murdered in this country are killed by their significant others.

· It is estimated that 40% of homeless families in large cities are fleeing violence in their homes.

· Men who abuse their partners are 50-70% more likely to also abuse their children.

· Families in which alcoholism is a problem, in comparison to families in which it is not, show a much higher incidence of physical child abuse - 31% to 9%- and spouse abuse- 38% to 6%.

In order to counteract the norm for these people, Family Shelter Service (FSS), hosts a barrage of fundraisers so that they can continue servicing their community that needs them.

One such fundraiser is coming up on September 28th and it is entitled ‘Be A Hero for Hope.’ The event is a 10K/5K Run/Walk and will take place at Downers Grove North High School. The registration for the event begins at 6:15 a.m. and the race will begin at 8:15 a.m.

Not only will the participants of this run/walk day help to fund the programs for the people needing community assistance for a silent depravity that life has paid them, but it is those that fundraise behind the scenes that help large events such as this to take place in their first place.

One notorious group of fundraisers is The Completely Crazy Cast Members. Each week this fun-loving group of actors (the Live Cast for the Rocky Horror Picture Show that begins in late July) pass around a hat to their audiences at the Hollywood Blvd Theater (1001 75th Street in Woodridge), in order to encourage their guests to drop in spare change to support this event and all others that FSS puts on.

Each week, Ruth Fink-Winter, makes the announcement to the crowds that any donation is appreciated and that that "no amount is too small." Because of efforts such as this, large donations, like the $5,000 that the cast donated last year, help FSS continue with their life-saving efforts.

You can be that type of “hero,” too! Come up with a creative way to get those you are associated with to donate to a very worthwhile cause. You just never know whose life you may be saving! Think about becoming a “Hero for Hope!”

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