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Are you plagued by obstructive sleep apnea

OSA also known as obstructive sleep apnea is a relatively common sleep disorder.

Sleep disorders
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The word apnea means ‘without breath’ or ‘to stop breathing.’ Sleep apnea is when the person stops breathing while they are sleeping.

The person sleeping usually wakes their self up and gasps for air then falls back asleep to have this pattern of stop breathing, gasp for air, sleep over and over all through their sleeping period. Some people don’t even realize they are doing it until their sleeping partner tells them.

Some of the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea are:

Depression, lack of energy, morning headaches, excessive daytime tiredness or sleepiness, snoring, insomnia, poor concentration, high blood pressure and sexual dysfunction.

Although these are all signs and symptoms of sleep apnea not all people have all these symptoms at one time but they may be plagued by several symptoms at a time.

According to a ResMed Corp printed pamphlet in 2012:

‘OSA drivers are more dangerous than drunk drivers.’ and that ‘sleep apnea has been linked to a number of serious life-threatening conditions including diabetes, obesity, heart disease and stroke.’

If you are plagued by obstructive sleep apnea see your primary healthcare physician to find out what your choices are to help alleviate your symptoms and help get a better night sleep.

For information on sleep apnea visit:

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