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Are You Over Committed?


Simplicity seems to be the battle cry these days. Everyone is talking about the importance of doing more with less. I prefer to think that in many ways less is more. Let me explain, I know that you might have heard about the wonderful book called, "The Secret". In The Secret the law of attraction is talked about quite a bit. This law says we attract people, things and events in our lives based on our deepest feelings. For example, you walk into your child's room and it is a mess. You immediately feel overwhelmed by what you are seeing and you feel vulnerable in that space. You might feel like someone could get hurt in her room if the toys aren't picked up and then soon there after you hit your toe or trip on a toy. You get the gist of this.

Well, one of the universal laws that we don't talk about very much is the law of contraction. This law essentially says that there is tremendous value when we embrace learning to live with less, are more selective about how we spend our resources (time, money,etc...), and that we are more mindful of how we spend our lives. In essence, this law challenges us to embrace less knowing that our lives will be richer for it.

That being said, I thought that it was important this week to talk about being over committed. Many families today struggle with creating quality experiences because we have too many commitments. Let's face it, the children are usually signed up for one or two activities' per child, homework assignments each night, and the family is juggling life just to find a night or two to eat dinner together. Have you ever had a precious family moment like Christmas day, birthday, a family preplanned event to be met with a friend that had no regard for what your family had planned because of their over commitments? This friend might have wanted you to change what you are doing for your family to accommodate their busy schedule. My point is that when we are over committed we tend to demand resources from others in order to maintain an over committed schedule. Is this you?

The point here is to understand if you feel like your family is running from morning to night and you must enlist the help of others frequently to maintain you life schedule. This might be a sign of doing too much.

Ask yourself the following:
Do I feel like I am constantly on a roller coaster in my life?
Do I frequently have life emergencies that require me to enlist the help of others?
Do I honor any family routines during the week? i.e. Minimum of 3 dinners together as a family.
Have I burned my friends out by my neediness?
Why am I so busy?

Asking ourselves the right questions about our lives is the first opportunity to create change.

Live fully,


Author Bio: Author, speaker and radio host Mia Redrick is a Mom Life Strategist and the founder of Finding Definitions, LLC a company created to empower mothers to practice better self-care. Committed to getting 1,000,000 moms to practice better self-care, Mia authored Time for Mom-Me:5 Essential Strategies for A Mother's Self-care and currently hosts 27 national groups utilizing her system. To learn more about starting a group visit


  • Maria Fraire- Celebrity Families Examiner 5 years ago

    This book is great. If anything it get's you to refocus on the here and now- making you very aware of our choices and the end result because of them. The book just basically confirms what we've known all along, when we're in happy joyful mood, we attract that into ourselves, when we are negative and forlorn- it seems to envelop us to the core. It's like smiling at perfect strangers, 9 out of 10 you'll get a smile back, there now, you've possibly changed her mood. I like how it makes biblical references too. Good easy read- very optimistic message. Thks for sharing it!

  • Shannon Buck, Bangor Single Moms Examiner 5 years ago

    I loved this book. It made a lot of sense, and I am working with the principals that it taught me. I am looking to simplify my life in many ways. Right now, I am working on positive thinking career wise and simplfying the numnber of possessions that I have. I have subscribed to your page.

  • Tawanna Browne Smith - DC Family Entertainment &am 5 years ago

    I am definitely over committed and what's so funny is that I just heard about this book yet again tonight, actually a few minutes prior to reading yoru article. I was listening to an e-seminar about Million Dollar Mindsets and of course "The Secret" was mentioned. It has been added to my To Read List. To answer some of your questions however, I do stick to family routines - family dinner is non-negotiable. We sit at the table every night. It is our time to catch up with each other. Fortunately, I have not burned any friends out of any "neediness" because I would enver burden them with my needs. And thankfully I do not have life emergencies that require the enlisting of others' help. So maybe I'm not really over committed but just feel like I am,

  • Carolin Soldo 5 years ago

    Being "Over-Committed" really hits home for me. I'm a WAHM with 2 wonderful boys. One is 21 months and one is 8 weeks. I'm also running my own business on a full-time basis.
    Many families I work with tell me that their relationships with their spouses are suffering the most. After work and taking care of the kids, there's just not enough time left.
    A great thing to have to give busy families and especially moms a break is a nanny or babysitter. A nanny or sitter can give mom and day the needed break, even if it's just a night out on a Friday night. And the kids enjoy a few hours with a fun sitter.

    In order to be successful, you need to make sure to take a break once in a while. The best ideas (for my business!) come to me when I take a relaxing walk in the park. Give it a try!

  • TimeforMom Examiner 5 years ago

    Thanks Ladies for your replies. I love to hear moms sharing what works.