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Are you or your teens uncertain about med school? MUHC offers mini-med school open to all.

Mini-med school offers the chance to experience med school for anyone who has ever been curious.
Mini-med school offers the chance to experience med school for anyone who has ever been curious.
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Wished you paid more attention in high school biology classes? Want a deeper understanding of the scientific topics you hear about every day in the news? Mini-med school offers access to leading physicians and researchers to answer all your questions.

Starting October 5th the Montreal Children's Hospital (MCH) together with McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) are sponsoring Mini-Med School, a rare glimpse into the world of medicine for anyone who has ever thought about attending medical school.

The program is a public science education program to include 1.5 hours a week of class time with five leading medical specialists from the Montreal Children’s Hospital of the MUHC and the McGill Faculty of Medicine.

Six 60-minute lectures follow by a half hour of Q & A will be held weekly at the MCH downtown Montreal.

Lectures include:

Genetics and the future of medicine
Roderick McInnes, MD

Canada has the world’s highest incidence of Crohn’s disease. Is it our genes or the environment?
Ernest Seidman, MD

Humour, Magic and Medicine
Joe Schwartz, PhD
McGill Office for Chemistry and Society

Cranial facial surgery: Congenital facial anomalies
Mirko Gilardino, MD

Anxiety disorders in youth
Chandra Magill, PhD

Course handouts and refreshments are provided and graduation certificates will be presented at the last lecture.

Classes begin October 5th and run through to November 2nd at the Montreal Children’s Hospital corner of Atwater & Tupper, Amphitheatre Tuesday evenings, 7:30 pm

For more information:

Tel: 514.412.4400 ext 23996
Fax: 514.412.4343



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