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Are you open to it?

Are you open to it? Love that is. Are you really open to the idea of falling in love? If you aren’t how can you expect to fall in love if that is truly what you want; a life of happiness with that special someone that might include a picket fence and white house. If you aren’t open to love it will definitely pass you by.

There are various reasons as to what will make someone close their heart and mind to the possibility of finding love. The past is often the main culprit. But living in the past will surely prevent you from enjoying your future.

Holding on to the past is something that everyone does. In some ways it’s absolutely necessary. You really can’t move forward until you’ve learned from the mistakes of your past. But it’s so hard to draw the line between moving on from the past and ignoring the past. It’s probably best to say that people that have the most success with moving on do a little of both.

The first thing you have to do when trying to be open to the thought of falling in love is realizing that yes, it’s going to hurt. No one makes it through this life unscathed so stop letting fear keep you from the things you deserve. Love is almost as much pain as it is joy sometimes. And if you go into it knowing this, you’ve already won because you are aware. Knowledge is power and that will give you strength.

The thing about Kansas City is that every season is as romantic as the latest Nora Roberts novel. With the wind blowing fiercely as a lover scorned and the temperature change as dramatic as the feeling of a love lost, Kansas City is the perfect place to open your heart.

Make it a habit to spend each weekend doing something to appreciate this ever changing weather we have in KC. Take a walk. A wonderful website to try is


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