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Are you ok ?

Hey, are you ok ?

Hey, are you ok ?

Long before I received my medical training, I always thought asking someone “Hey, are you ok ? “ while someone was actually choking in front of me was not exactly the proper question to be asking of them at that time because if they were ok, they wouldn’t be choking would they ?

Years later with more education and science training behind me, I know now the science of asking that potentially lifesaving question and it’s value, whether it’s someone choking or if someone falls onto the floor at the food court at the shopping mall.
If you get a “yea” between coughing episodes or a derivative of the “yea, I just didn’t chew up my food good enough “ or if they are at least able to talk to you and tell you , “hey, I’m diabetic, can you get me some orange juice or a candy bar ?” you can at least access their breathing and quickly move on to other options to help them other than just assuming abdominal thrusts or start CPR immediately.

Need a refresher ? The American Red Cross has a great “Ready Reference” color guide for these kinds of situations that you would learn as part of an American Red Cross CPR ADULT /AED TRAINING COURSE that I strongly encourage you to take in your state . Contact your local American Red Cross or visit any of their authorized training providers across the country to attend a course . For example, in the state of Oklahoma , you can click here for an American Red Cross authorized training provider.
You can also CLICK HERE for a downloadable PDF of the American Red Cross “Ready Reference” guide that will also give you a very nice quick reference of how to handle a few of these situations that can empower you to be a hero after you ask that potentially lifesaving question , “ Are you ok ?”

Happy Heartbeats, Friend !
Doug McGehee

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