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Are You Not Getting What You Want in Life, Love, Career?

Are you not getting what you want in life, love or career? Are you acting too quickly and regretting it later on? Learn to slow down and get what it is you most want!

Let's say you're unhappy in your career and you want a way out. Instead of taking the time to think about what you want to do or listening to your heart, or that still inner voice inside of you, you make a completely rational and quick decision and decide to go back to law school, med school, etc. After you quit your job, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in schooling, and start your new career, you realize you're miserable. Five to 10 years down the line, you're thousands of dollars in debt, and you're exactly where you started--unhappy with your choice! Maybe all you needed was to tweak something in your job, make a small change, or maybe you were meant to follow what your heart was telling you, but were too afraid to do so! ("Go into photography? No, I just can't. It won't work out ... ").

Another example is when you go on a crazy diet and lose 20-30 lbs in one month. You're initially elated! You can wear what you want and you feel great! But then sure enough, you get off your diet, you binge, you eat all the forbidden food and gain all the weight you lost and more! When really all you needed to do was slow down. Maybe lose the weight over a year, two or three and save yourself all the heartache, extra weight gain and emotional bs that comes with it!

Maybe you have a habit of moving too quickly when it comes to love, choosing Mr. Wrong out of desperateness, feeling lonely or pressure from your family. Six months down the line, a year from now, three kids later, you're miserable and you realize your mistake. You invested all that time and it feels like a complete and utter waste! (My book gives you concrete steps on how to SLOW down the dating process, so you can learn about your partner before getting attached. Remember, the first three to six months are the most important time of the relationship, so slow down and pay attention.)

The truth is following your inner voice is not always easy or comfortable and doesn't always make the most sense. But when you listen to it over time (and trust it wholeheartedly, which is not easy at first), you'll realize it's always right! It's just that you didn't truly listen (too much "mind chatter" or "noise") or were afraid to follow what it was telling you.

Fear gets in the way of us listening and taking right action. Fear is what propels us to act and think impulsively. Fear of lack, fear of failure, fear of success even! That inner voice inside of you is not foreign to you, it's not some scary devil luring you into hell, it's simply the voice of your highest self. You'll know the voice when you hear it. It's calm and soothing and it speaks the truth. It sometimes tells you what you don't want to hear, but it will also give you the perfect solution to your woes if you ask it what to do. That inner voice is the voice that wants best for you. The voice that wants you to reach your God given highest potential while you're here on this earth. The voice that wants you to follow your heart's desires, because that desire and wish was placed inside of you by God Himself!! He wants you to be happy. That voice, my friends, is the voice of God beckoning you to Him. It's so hard at first to listen. To be willing and completely open to hear. Because most of the time we have so much "stuff" going on in our heads, clutter in our homes and distractions that keep us from focusing on what is going on INSIDE of us.

Not to worry, even if you haven't listened to yourself in the past, you can and will get back on track. You'll have veered off your path for awhile, wasted some time, but you will get where you need to go. It's similar to driving in a new town without a map or a GPS. You still arrive at your location but you will have wasted a lot of your time getting lost and getting stressed. Three hours later you show up and you're not in the happiest state of mind! Now imagine you're driving with a GPS or a map. You get to your location without the added stress, wasted time and wasted gas! Your path was easier, clearer and more enjoyable!

Thinking rationally is good, but sometimes the best decisions are made irrationally--by listening to your heart, to your inner self, to God. To find the most success you must use both, but you must tune into that inner voice and hear what it is telling you. And to do that you need silent time and you need to slow way down!

Remember you are exactly where you are meant to be in your life right now. And you won't move forward until you learn the life lessons you need to in order to move forward to the next stage of your life. Sometimes we are in an uncomfortable time in our lives, we feel stuck, we feel unhappy. But those feelings are a sign for us to really tune in, pay attention, take in the message and keep it moving forward!

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