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Are you making a mistake as a parent?

Uh oh, I'm in trouble
Uh oh, I'm in trouble

We all know being a parent is no easy task. From birthdays to school events down to a bed time stories these events in our childrens lives develop who they are as an adult. This can be an overwhelming feeling as a parent. So, how do we know when we're doing a good job? Which way is the right way of parenting?

Let me first set you at ease, and say that there is no one way to parent a child. Each parent is different and has different beliefs and values. Besides the obvious parenting values that we all must have such as ensuring that our children are safe and healthy. We must respect each person's choice in how they choose to raise their children. Below are some simple ways to help guide you as your interact with your child. It is simply a guideline to help you think about your current ways of parenting and open the door to new thoughts and ideas. These are the top Do's & Don'ts of parenting.

  1. Do tell your child often that you love them. Everyone wants to hear that they are loved no matter what they do. That someone will love them exactly as they are.
  2. Do play with your child often. Are greatest way we can teach our children is through play. Even in playing out in a world of imagination our children can learn acceptance, love and compassion.
  3. Don't discipline when you are angry. If your child does something that really gets your goat, take a moment to cool off before you say something you might regret.
  4. Do choose your words carefully. We all make mistakes and can say something we don't mean. Children can be very literal. If you say something like "you're so naughty" your child will begin to believe that about him or herself". Instead try to say "that behavior was naughty, I love you & know that you can make better choices than that". Separate the behavior from the child.
  5. Don't forget that rules are important. Every child needs rules and guidelines to live by. This simple task will help them prepare for a world that gives us many rules and guidelines to follow whither we like them or not.

Bottom line whatever your parenting style its never too late to take a step back and see how we can improve our relationship with our children. This will not only help mend our relationships with others but help them grow and have better relationships in the future.

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