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Are you living on purpose? In 2010, asking this question is a key job search tactics

Entrepreneur, Career Transition and Business Coach
Entrepreneur, Career Transition and Business Coach
Kimberly A. Benjamin, PHR

Providing resources to people who need advice on career planning, goal setting or developing a new business was the impetus for Kimberly A. Benjamin, PHR starting Be Blessed Career Consulting Inc. Kimberly's timing is always impeccable, in that, she launched her business as the bottom was falling out from under the Detroit economy. In 2006, Kimberly was one of the few consultants asking all who chose to listen and act "are you living on purpose?" At the start of 2010, with the nation's unemployment rate at 10%, this question is even more relevant for job seekers, especially those living in Michigan where the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate is 14.7 percent, according to data released by the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth (DELEG) in November. Given Michigan's high unemployment stats, what better place for Kimberly to share her knowledge and expertise so I asked Kimberly why Detroit she replied, "I never realized that I would be used by God to assist so many hurting people in times like these. I am truly humbled to serve people in the City of Detroit". Since 2006 a lot more people have lost their jobs due to corporate downsizing and business restructuring. As a result, Kimberly also launched HR Strategies Plus, LLC and has coordinated and conducted over 215 career transition and entrepreneurial workshops where advice and tools are provided to people who are struggling to find or understand their purpose while addressing how to navigate changing their career paths.

As for Kimberly's career path, she received her Bachelors of Arts in Management and Marketing from Eastern Michigan University in 1992 and a Masters of Arts in Labor Relations and Human Resource Management from Wayne State University in 1997. Kimberly has over 18 years of human resource experience working for Fortune 500 Companies such as General Motors, Ford Motor Company, ITT Industries, Wal-mart, Toys-R-Us, Kelsey Hayes and Cornerstone Schools. In addition, she teaches human resource management and entrepreneurship classes at Wayne County Community College, Concordia University, and the Kingdom Business Institute and is also the Author of How to Be Highly Favored and Empowered to Prosper in Your Job Search Book and Workbook and Producer of Has God Given You a Business Idea Workshop 38-Part CD, DVD and MP3 Series and Pursuing Your Business Idea Television Show¥.

So what should we expect from Kimberly in 2010? Well, because this is the tightest job market Detroiters experienced in decades, Kimberly and her associates revamped their workshops and educational programs to ensure they include not just advice but inspiration. Therefore, Kimberly is adding eight coaching programs that will begin to be offered in February. Also launching in February is the Business Idea Toolkit online store which serves as a one-stop-shop where job seekers and entrepreneurs can purchase over 100 entrepreneurial CDs, DVDS, downloadable MP3s, job search and entrepreneurial books. Visit the website at To ensure that job seekers and would be entrepreneurs have tools for nearly any situation, weekly job search and business tips will be available on the Internet via Twitter, Facebook and e-mail campaigns as well as a new business plan writing program. Finally an on-line business training web site will be revealed in March.

To order a copy of Kimberly A. Benjamin, PHR book titled, "How to Be Highly Favored and Empowered to Prosper in Your Job Search" or Has God Given You a Business Idea Workshop DVDs visit You may also call 1.877.635.7464 for more information.