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Are you living in an UNCONSCIOUS state?

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      The more I study the art of meditation the more I am beginning to understand what it means to live mindfully and consciously. Many of us are living our day to day lives in an unconscious state, not aware of what is going on around us, and not realizing that most of what we see and deal with everyday has to do with our very own thoughts. I am learning that in order to live consciously, means to have complete and utter control over my thoughts. There have been days that I have just gone about my day allowing certain thoughts and emotions to control how my day goes. I am learning that to be mindful means to be alert, so when thoughts come into my mind I am aware of what it is that I am thinking about and I deal with the thought and let it go; meaning what ever the thought is I do not sit and contemplate on it or hold on to it but instead just make aware of it and let it go. This has become such a stress reliever for me, I use to just hold on to thoughts whether they were negative or positive and I would spend so much time giving energy to them I did not realize how much stress it was causing me.
      I am learning to live consciously, if a thought comes to mind I only allow the thought to exist for that moment and once I have addressed it I let it go. I often have to snap out of my deep dazed thoughts and get back into a state of mindfulness and I know with practice it will become easier, but since I have started I have had less stressful days and I have been happier. I definitely recommend trying to live in a more conscious and mindful state and see how it changes your days, your attitude, your feelings etc. I use to let a thought control my day, for example: if I did not want to go to work I would think about it constantly to the point that the people at work knew that I truly did not want to be there; where as now, I take the thought and deal with it in that moment and let it go not thinking about it or dwelling on it any longer and before long it is not even in my head. This is very challenging for me but in time I will have full knowledge of how to live in a conscious and mindful state.


  • Shannon 5 years ago

    I have practiced this as well and it works!!! People constantly tell me, "Wow, Shannon, you're happy all the time". It's not that I'm happy all the time, it's just that I've learn to control my thoughts and live consciously. Why dwell on something you cannot change or something that isn't happening in the moment. Let it go...great article Kennytta.