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Are You Hypnotized by the Vampire?

Find out how you can Avoid becoming a victim to some Vampire hypnotherpists! And avoid paying thousands and thousands of dollars for unnecessary and ongoing hypnotherapy sessions when you truly don't need it. Many clients are paying for 50 to 80 sessions more or less up front or by monthly payment plan.

How Does It Work! A Good Hypnotherapist start building a report with the client, getting to know them better in order to assist on the specific request that the client came in initially and that is what the hypnotherapist start working on.

No Hypnotherapist will guarantee healing or number of sessions to clients, just because in some case's client will need only one session and others only three, six or even more but no one can tell you how many sessions you will need, Except with medical referrals we recommend at least six sessions.

In case of medical referral after the six sessions the hypnotherapist will do an evaluation together with the client and a follow up with the physician to decide if farther hypnotherapy is needed or not.

Of course it is possible that the client will come back again in the future for other issues, but that will be only when the client decides the needs for hypnotherapy help in different areas of his life, some clients may need years of therapy, No Hypnoptherapist should design a map to continue future hypnotherapy up front on the first visit or so by telling the client OHH GEE We will need a lot of work done with you or you will never get better. Is that a negative suggestion? Yes It is... Do, and we need it? No, we don't need it.

The reason I am writing this Article is because I herd it many times from my clients that have paid for sessions $5000 and more with a list of hypnotherapy sessions, and after they paid they end up coming to me for help, So I decided to check that out... I went to one of the Body, Mind & Spirit Expo's... where there are many type of beautiful holistic approaches, I've tried as many FREE Classes, and one of then happened to be that FREE Class that I was tolled about from my clients, The class was informative and very convincing, at the Body, Mind & Spirit Expo's wile I was walking between the boots. Something caught my eyes that said

** ATTENTION HYPNOTHERAPIST! ** That's Right not only a client can become a victim but a Hypnotherapist Students too. It said: Get Greater Value to Your Clients and Make $$$ By Selling Hypnosis Sessions in Blocs! Sounds Good Right? Who wouldn't want to make lots of Money? Especially when the Offer is as good as this price $350.00

Hearing my clients fear of using other Hypnotherapist was very disturbing to me, so I took on a mission to investigate and protect millions of Victims from the Vampire Hypnotherapists out there. First I have paid a fee to: Learn How to Get Paid for Doing Those Consultations I Used to Give Free.

** And this is what I have learned!

*On my credit card slip was written "Final Sell" Just after I signed the credit card, No previous warning. ( When I realized the hypnotherapist doing that I backed a way and didn't want to be part of it, but the Hypnotherapist refused to refund me the money, since it said "Final Sale" ) OUCH...

* I was promised Sixty (60) Hypnosis Scripts and twenty-five (25) client leads per week... Nice isn't it? Do not allow others to full you by those leads that are from a FREE Class's. Of course a FREE Gift was offered if they fill out their personal information?

* Then after you pay for the seminar you get a flyer that says completely a different story, It says after the seminar you have to join the company to get those leads and if you do get a client, the hypnotherapist will still get additional percentage from you, something like 20% or so. Sounds to me like a Good Sales Person but not a Good Hypnotherapist though.

* That mean there are no guarantees that you will actually get a client.

* When you fell for this good offer, you learn that you are becoming a suggestible victim, very dizzy from this wonderful offer and before you know it, you get sucked into a road map and to other contracts that were hidden to you, Now you get a map road that says you need HELP! And if you don't sign up with me as a client you will not get better, then a list of a road map is given to you, here is some of mine that I did take a note of: Twelve sessions for Success and Self Hypnosis cost $1800. Two sessions for goal setting and NLP cost $600.00 Four sessions for Financial Freedom $600.00. Four sessions for Memory enchantment $750.00. Three sessions for spiritual healing $450.00. Nine sessions for relationship $1,350.00. Basically mine came out to 81 sessions, which I didn't even write down all the sessions, Oh Yes I have recorded all this on an audio tape telling the Hypnotherapist that I was recording the Phone Seminar Session only to find out that I was talking to a CD Player,Yes the training was listening to a CD when I thought she was actually talking to me. Since later I found out she went to calculate how many sessions I needed to start making money... So mine came to something around $13,000.00, would you say it sounds like a scam? You bet it is, and of course payment was available.

**Should You pay a Vampire to teach you what you learned over the years at your school?

This is what the Vampire was telling me: what you learned wasn't good enough to make money... I will teach you to make good money and fast... Because your school didn't teach you bout sales. (I guess what she was telling me, is that my school didn't teach me to scam good people)

WOW I tell you: that scared me to even think that I could be a victim like my clients.


If you buy a Hypnotherapy CD or in a live session and you hear the Hypnotherapist saying NOW you are suggestible to me or under my control, do not listen to the CD or this Hypnotherapist Anymore, Just say Cancel, Cancel and open your eyes.

* No Hypnotherapist is a License Doctor and If they call themselves a PhD in clinical Hypnotherapy from some University, they better are a real Doctors that has taken Hypnosis as additional to their practice and Not a Hypnotherapy PhD, Because there is NO a PhD Hypnotherapist by itself, It is not a license doctor, that is why we work with Doctors and with referrals only when needed, since Some Issues may require licensed psychotherapists or medical doctor referral.

* Hypnotherapists are not licensed by the state of California as healing arts practitioners.

Client or Hypnotherapist, please make sure you don't become a victim like my clients, Believe it or not I have seen Students and new Hypnotherapist that are being a victim to this Vampire Hypnotherapy success offer. I have graduated with honors from one of the best schools, the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the nation's leading accredited hypnotherapy college.

So Guys if you take your class's at HMI You don't need other places to waist your money in order to learn how to get clients, we get all the tools for advertising during our schooling, You get the best education and it is to become a good Hypnotherapist not a gold digger or a Vampire, this is not what Hypnotherapy is about, we study at HMI to respect and educate our client with the best tools that is available to us, If you need help working on some issues to become a better hypnotherapist or a happy client please contact me or talk to your mentor or your hypnotherapist because they are they're to help you.

** How many time your herd from a hypnotherapoist or other business's - well you got what you paid for? And they leave you at that? Or IF YOU Letting some clients go you doing him a DIS SERVICE.

I know that this message gets you wander, Humm They must be right, I pay less and I get the worst. Well it isn't exactly like that, and I don't suggest that you shouldn't pay, all I suggest is to protect your self by becoming more educated. So no one will take advantage of you, you decide what is good for you,. It an advantage to our clients to come and go when they are ready and not when we dictate how many sessions they needs

A good therapist will never put you in that position that if you don't choose them as your Hypnotherapist then you will never get better or you are procrastinating by not choosing them...

* Remember My mission is to help you. So you won't become a victim to a vampire. Trust and comfort with your personal Hypnotherapist is one of the most successful tools to better you.


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