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Are you having a love affair with your iPhone?

Obsession or necessity?
Obsession or necessity?
The Go-To Mom

When you are driving do you adoringly look down at your iPhone to be sure it’s safe and snug in your cup holder?  When you are waiting to see the dentist, do you excitedly search for new apps?  Or worse yet, do you buy the light saber app so that when no one is looking you can wave your phone in the air and hear that cool “swoosh-voom” sound?

I admit it.  When I’m not with my husband or kids and I’m waiting at the doctors or car wash, I’m never frustrated.  My doctor made me wait a whole hour yesterday to see her.  Normally I would be very irritated. But since I had my sleek sexy iPhone to keep me busy, I was a sweet as pie when she came in to see me.

Am I crazy?  Do you act this way with your iPhone?  My iPhone not only keeps me smiling but seems to have that effect on tantruming kids as well.  A few months back, I saw that a mommy was having trouble filling out her forms in the Dr.’s office because her 2 year old was screaming.  So I pulled out my iPhone, and asked the little boy if he’d like to see a video my children playing with our kitty cats. How cool is that?  I have fricken videos on my phone to show tantruming kids? 

Oh, I so want to take my iPhone on a date.

Not only is it just pure fun, but I get to twitter, check facebook, check email, conduct internet searches…the list goes on an on…But not everyone loves their iPhone at first. It takes months to master this little sexy devil….

When my hubby got me the iPhone last year, I thought, “This is stupid,” because it’s a touch pad and it kept calling my friends with out me knowing it.  You may hate the advanced technology at first, but then you learn to slowly fall in love.  So yes, to answer my questions above, am I crazy? I think the answer is yes. 


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