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Are You Harming Your Child’s Health Using Quick and Easy Retail Health Clinics?

Retail Health Clinics for meeting kids' primary medical needs Can be a concern
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These retail health clinics are quick and easy and in the era of Obamacare they may appear the most effective way to have your children receive healthcare. Yet, according to Fox News, there are pediatrician organizations that are advising parents to avoid all retail health clinics.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is insisting that despite the growing popularity as well as convenience of retail health clinics parents are harming their children by using them to meet their children’s primary medical needs. In other words, cheap and inexpensive does not equate to quality and precise health care for children. One of the challenges that the group focuses on is how parents should be concerned about making certain the health care and needs a child has is coordinated and consistent.

Parents of course may be a bit off put by the charges raised by the American Academy of Pediatrics because from a caregiver’s perspective shopping at a supermarket or drugstore or even big-box mega store and obtain medical care for their young one’s too is a tremendous bonus?

Others are wondering if the concerns raised by doctors and participants in the study which accompanied the recent announcement have more to do with increased cheaper competition than it does with delivery of healthcare service. After all, the simple flu shots and sore throats that were offered in the beginning have expanded to full blown treatment of many chronic illnesses, reported Fox News.

So where does that leave parents who are caught in the middle between the possible but all too real failure of Obamacare and their own loss of insurance coverage and filling an important need for providing inexpensive medical care for their children?

It appears with the bursting at the seams growth of retail health clinics in locations like CVS which plans to double their MinuteClinic locations to 1,500 by 2017, the future appears in their favor to attract even more parents. If one couples this with longer lines and even longer waits to be seen by a pediatrician, parents will most like opt for the quick and easy.

The Convenient Care Association, appears in agreement with parents who select retail clinics over traditional doctor’s offices. They attest this is necessary because, “They are a more convenient option for parents with sick children than the alternative, which is often waiting for an appointment or spending hours in a high-cost,according to Fox News. Not exactly rocket science to see what parents will do is it?

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