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Are you frugal or a nasty cheapskate?

Frugal or Cheap?
Frugal or Cheap?
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Are you just plain frugal or a nasty Scrooge cheapskate? Frugal is a good thing. Watching where those dollars go and trying to save more is a noble goal. Not tipping the pizza delivery guy on Cleveland's snowiest night of the year is called being a cheapskate. This is not to make you feel guilty for re-gifting over this holiday season, really it is better for the environment to keep junk out of the landfill.

Frugal: Shopping at Marc’s & the Cleveland West Side Market
Cheapskate: Shopping at Aldi’s
Aldi’s needs to work on their quarter for a shopping cart issue and does bagging really cost them so much money that they won’t do it for their customers?

Did you know that the Giant Eagle @ 1825 Snow Road in Parma sweetly discounts their bakery items after 7pm? What is day old bread anyway? Do you eat a whole loaf in a day?

Frugal: Stopping once a week at Little Caesar’s Pizza for a $5.00 large pepperoni.
Cheapskate: Not tipping the pizza delivery kid on the snowiest night of the year. Just nasty and do you really want to mess with anyone who is involved with your food?
Tip: Don’t order from that pizzeria again.

If I gave you $50.00 would you buy paper towels?

Frugal: Clipping coupons from the Cleveland Plain Dealer Sunday newspaper.
Cheapskate: Photocopying internet coupons.

Illegal and not worth the jail time!

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