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Are you falling out of love with your significant other?

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Are you wondering if you should just throw in the towel in your relationship? Are you wondering if your relationship is too far gone to be saved? There are subtle and obvious signs that you are falling out of love in a relationship.

In the beginning of the relationship, everything is fun and new. The two of you in the beginning couldn’t stay off each other and were constantly smiling, right? Sometimes comfortability can be confused for falling out of love.

When a relationship matures, you don’t indulge in PDA as much anymore and sometimes you aren’t even having sex that often. It doesn’t always mean that you are falling out of love when the PDA begins to fade. Sometimes it means that you just feel so secure in your relationship that you don’t feel the need to do all those little things constantly anymore.

So how do you differentiate being comfortable and falling out of love? Here are a few signs that will help you determine if it is time to leave or if you should try to fix what you have.

One of the sure signs that you are falling out of love is when everything your partner does irritates you. When your partner is watching television or talking on the phone do you find yourself rolling your eyes? Do you find yourself feeling irritated when he/she is talking to you? If everything your partner does irritates you then chances are you are falling out of love with them.

Another sign that you are falling out of love is when the excitement is gone. If you start to feel bored, restless and begin to try and find ways to get out of spending time with your significant other, then you may be falling out of love.

A third sign is when you begin to imagine your life without them. If you begin planning what you would do or where you would go if you two weren’t together, chances are you are falling out of love. Love is when you enjoy sharing your life with another person and you don’t hold each other back from doing things they like to do. A big sign that you are falling out of love or already have fallen out of love is when you think your fantasy life would be better than our present life.

Being in love means you are dedicated to one person and one person only. If you start falling in love with someone else then that is a sure sign you are not in love with your partner anymore. Love is an unbreakable bond that should not be able to be broken by temptation. Though love is fragile thing, little things should not be able to break true love.

One of the building blocks in love is trust. If there is no trust in a relationship then the relationship may eventually flounder. If you couldn’t imagine ever trusting your partner, you may need to rethink your whole relationship.

If you two argue constantly and enjoy spending time with others more than one another, you need to decide if this is how you want to live. Can you honestly live the rest of your life arguing every day? Could you live every day for 50 years imagining what your life would have been like if you would have left?

Love is fast and rare; but it doesn’t just happen once. If you end the relationship your heart may be bruised for a while, but you will find the one you are meant to be with. Every relationship has its problems but you need to decide if the relationship is worth all those problems. It all comes down to one question, would you be happier without your partner?