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Are you experiencing Kundalini Syndrome, pressure and pain, headaches

Are you experiencing Kundalini Syndrome, pressure and pain, headaches

When you meditate you open up a lot of energy. The circuit can sometimes over heat, and can’t bear all of the energy. The nervous system isn’t opened up to contain the energy necessarily. A lot of new concentrations of energy can put nervous system on overload. The nervous system needs to be opened up over a period of time to be able to hold expanded concentrations of energy.

Rapid expansion happens

It may be happening in the head but the rest of the body is not open to or expanded enough yet to handle the expansion. Pressure or pain in the head in common during this time. It may feel like you are wearing a hat or a band around your head.

You can bring your attention gently to the areas of tension in the area of the eyes and the forehead, the jaw and around the ears and the two nodules behind the ears and the base of the skull where the neck joins to the head to open and relax.

Don’t stop with the head

Practice moving the energy down into the body slowly, moving the energy down into the body to allow the awareness to penetrate and notice the sensations naturally. Like water slowly seeping into a sponge, do not force it. Allow it to wash down into the body.

The dead ends that are tense and not open when you only concentrate on the head. You must allow the bliss of meditation to permeate the entire body. What happens in the head is the top of your head is not open but blocked. The quality of bliss becomes much more softer and finer when you practice with the energy and opening up.

Faulty images

Moving the energy downward, and upward and out removes the conflict. Kundalini does not only move from the base of the spin upwards. Move it through your vitality to the multidimensional openings without favoring any one direction. The whole subtle body should be filled and illuminated as well as the physical body. You want to be completely fluid in all directions, inward and outward, front to back, do that every part of your body is energetically connected and flowing.

Body to feeling, feeling to body

Consciously and outside of the body, everything should be humming, open and expanded.

Wisdom and concentration, love and devotion, it’s not just a systematic process

The energetic process is a reversing of polarities of your being. So the sense itself becomes more subtler. Sometimes you may feel as if you are collapsing backwards or maybe your are having dreams of being stuck in a box or a place and cannot move. It is the awareness following the energy which can manifest on many levels that you need to be open. The tendency to stand at attention all of the time relaxes and rests to flow.

It’s a radiant blossoming of phenomena

Completely open and resting with itself is a shining coming to rest. Then the energy can move freely up and down the body and in every direction, open from top to bottom and the descending energy is grace. You begin to merge in the heart and begin to have some sense of what it means to move from the heart, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

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