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Are you cutting your nose off to spite your face?

Are you cutting your nose off to spite your face?
Are you cutting your nose off to spite your face?

Sometimes we inflict harm to ourselves and don’t even realize it. Some have the tendency to every so often react negatively and project a bad image because of what someone else did to us in the past. Y doing this they may mess up a good thing without knowing it.

We need to learn to compartmentalize those old feelings that we harbor which could be detrimental to our future relationships. Don’t let bad relationships experiences affect your new relationship. We must learn to differential and give your next mate a fair shot. Don’t accuse him/her of things based on your previous experiences. Don’t be judgmental and argumentative because you are constantly on defense mode.

When we learn to let go and learn from our previous experiences we can move on without baggage. I always say we should learn to say D.A.M. to previous deleterious experiences in our life. D.A.M. meaning digest, accept and move on from negative experiences. Once you can do that you will open yourself up to welcoming new experiences without a destructive attitude.

So the message is don’t let your corrupted outlook on life based off of bad experiences mess up your opportunity for true happiest. Learn to go with the flow, enjoy life and stop blocking your blessing. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. If someone tells you something, believe them until they show you otherwise!

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