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Are you creating fans from your customers?

I am preparing for a trip to another conference this summer. I find that in order to be the best I can in self-employment, I take in classes, seminars, read books, and also coach with others.
One of my passions is to be generous and to help others. I know that when I'm treated extremely well, I reciprocate and also become a raving fan of that business or person. Additionally, I believe that's the way to survive in the market.

How many other businesses do this? Certainly small businesses seem to be more willing than large ones. I'm learning this from experience. In May, I traveled to a conference in Las Vegas. As it turned out, when I arrived for my flight, they were in an overbooked situation. Since I wasn't in a hurry, I volunteered to get bumped. It only delayed my arrival by a couple of hours, and I obtained a $300 travel voucher for my troubles. Not bad.

The other day, I redeemed the voucher in scheduling my summer trip. It was a frustrating experience because of the language barrier. I HAD to redeem this voucher over the phone instead of booking on-line. Grr. But it's done.

Now here's the missed opportunity for the airline: My wife and I decided that it would be a great opportunity for my youngest daughter to attend with me. She's totally excited as am I. Maybe speaking will become an area of interest for her. However, if I want to change to an earlier flight to give us more "play time" on our day of arrival, I must pay a change fee. This is silly because I have confirmed that there are a large number of seats on the earlier flights.

So instead of creating a cheering fan, US Airways has apparently decided that it's not worth the $150 to give excellent customer service. How sad. I'm uncertain as to if I'll give up a seat in the future, and I certainly will consider other airlines for my travel needs. This is a loss for US Airways

What are you doing in your job to create raving fans and to provide excellent customer service? Your business grows based on returning customers and recommendations. We've come to expect poor service from government agencies, but this won't work when people have a choice of where to spend their money.


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