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'Are you crazy or just plain stupid?'

Elliott Rodgers crisis actors
Elliott Rodgers crisis actors

One would think that someone who has more money than he can ever spend in a lifetime, or who is the leader of the most powerful country in the world, would have an IQ over 50. Yet the US government and its bankster handlers continue to embarrass themselves with their hysterically ridiculous melodramas.

Bubba's mother asked Forrest, "Are you crazy or just plain stupid?" Photo:
Bubba's mother asked Forrest, "Are you crazy or just plain stupid?" Photo:
Bubba's mother asked Forrest, "Are you crazy or just plain stupid?" Photo:

Bubba's mother could not have put it more succinctly than when she asked Forrest, "Are you crazy or just plain stupid?" (1)

Forrest's response is iconic. Somehow, so long ago, he unknowingly summed up in five simple words, the banksters' incessant attempts to terrorize the US with their blatantly phony false flags.

"Stupid is as stupid does."

Is it really a matter of stupidity? Are the banksters so cocksure of themselves that their apparent blunders are a way of telling us how stupid they think that we are? Perhaps it is six of one and half a dozen of the other. One fact is clear: they are in a panic. Time is running out and the natives are getting restless.

Flight 17 was nothing more than a comedy act. Before the plane even hit the ground, the whole world expected OBOMBa and friends to cry foul—but it's not funny. These evil, rich Satanists are killing innocent people and have made our country a laughingstock to the rest of the world. It has to stop.

Crisis actors are those who specialize in pretending to be victims of a catastrophe. They call themselves instructors in disaster preparedness.UK company, Crisis Cast, (2) is one such organization. Its website describes their actors as "specially-trained professional role-play actors and film crews [that] bring realistic, informed crisis management and disaster incidents to life."

In reality, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) uses these crisis actors to create false flags and instill terror into the American public. (Does that make DHS a terrorist organization?)

Homeland Security's website (3) has a section dedicated to their "exercise and evaluation program" that calls out for volunteers to help with their projects.

An effective exercise program is an essential component of our national preparedness as it validates plans, tests operational capabilities, maintains leadership effectiveness, and examines ways we utilize the whole community. Exercise program management involves a collaborative approach that integrates resources, organizations, and individuals in order to identify and achieve program priorities.

What does that even mean?

The Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website regularly advertises for crisis actors, also. Alternative media began tracking these ads after discovering a connection between advertised dates and false flags.

Since word got out about advertising for crisis actors, the FBO was forced to become a tad more discreet, writing its ads in a secret kind of mumbo jumbo and politically correct code words. Here is one example (4) posted in March. Don't forget to read between the lines:

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Bureau for Economic Growth, Education and Environment (E3) hereby issues a Request for Proposal (RFP) for technical assistance related to Education in Crisis/Conflict-Affected and Fragile Environments (ECAFE) to establish a world-wide support mechanism to USAID Missions and Bureaus in addressing their education objectives in environments that may be, or have been affected, by crisis, fragility, lawlessness and/ or conflict.

This RFP solicits support for the attainment of Goal Three of USAID Education Strategy: Increased equitable access to education in crisis and conflict environments for 15 million learners by 2015, per USAID's Education strategy.

The Contractor may also be required to provide technical assistance and services to USAID Bureaus and Missions that may include assessment, design, implementation, coordination, and monitoring and evaluation of education programs in crisis/conflict-affected lawless and fragile environments, as well as management and training, research, guidance, and analysis to build the capacity of the Agency and its partners in effectively understanding the role education can play to mitigate crisis, conflict, and fragility.

Code words are "education," "crisis, fragility, lawlessness and/or conflict" "technical assistance and services," "assessment, design, implementation, coordination and monitoring," "understanding the role education can play to mitigate crisis, conflict and fragility."

Ads also appear regularly on Craig's List. (5) The following ad appeared in a Houston Craig's List in June:

We are looking for crisis actors for a government emergency drill between July 4-6th. Actors will be responsible for portraying different emergency scenarios in a simulated government terror drill. No experience is needed. Confidentiality agreements are required. Pay is $200.

The following are just a few examples of government-perpetrated false flags in the past several years, excluding the grandest of them all: 9/11.

In May of this year, Elliot Rodgers purportedly went on a killing spree in Isla Vista, CA, murdering six people before he turned the gun on himself. Corrupt National News (CNN) interviewed (6) two of the "witnesses."

The witnesses showed no emotion while describing the incident, speaking in a monotone voice as if reading a script. Though they claimed to live across the street from the store and could "see everything," yet they continually called the store "7 Eleven" instead of "IV Deli Mart."

Pamela Meyer (7) is the founder of a deception detection training company based in Washington DC. Her expertise comes from years of research and extensive training in facial micro-expression identification, interrogation skills, and statement analysis. Meyer has an MBA from Harvard, a master's in public policy and is a certified fraud examiner.

In her TED talk, (8) Meyer gave some tips on how to spot a liar. One sure "tell," Meyer explained is that a person will subconsciously shake his head "no" when he knows that what he is saying is a lie. There were several places in the witness interview where the shorter girls shook her head "no" as she was talking:

  • 00:54: "We're not too sure what's going on, thinking it's firecrackers."
  • 00:57: "Get inside, get inside! Close your windows!"
  • 03:41: "You see a bunch of cops with their guns out."
  • 04:18: "And then you see a bunch of cops chasing after it."
  • 05:41: "We only saw the young lady."
  • 05:51: "We saw her for the first time; she was on her bike."
  • 07:03: "She was really traumatized; she was like freaking out."

Interesting note about the bike: pictures taken at night of the crime scene show no bicycle. Pictures taken in the morning show the bicycle.

"She looked down and wasn't sure if it was blood running down her leg or if it was water. She had a spilled water bottle right next to her."

Now how did this witness know what the victim was thinking?

The woman conducting the interview was the most incompetent interviewer in journalistic history. She also shook her head "no" throughout the interview and it appeared as though the witnesses were aware of the questions ahead of time—as if previously rehearsed.

Other anomalies during this incident include the cleaning up of the crime scene by deli employees. It is common procedure—known as crime trauma scene decontamination—for a professional company (9) to handle such tasks.

In addition, it was reported that Rodgers shot himself in the head. Would one not expect to see blood and brains splattered all over the inside of the car? However, crime scene photos of the BMW show no sign of blood, whatsoever.

There is no greater uncomfortable feeling than watching someone else make a complete fool of himself on national TV. Anyone watching the Richard Martinez rant (10) after his son was allegedly killed in the Rodgers incident could not be more sympathetic for the HORRIBLE acting job he did. It was past pathetic. Martinez waved his arms and yelled trying desperately to make his voice sound like he was crying, but he could not manage one single tear. It even appeared that he momentarily forgot his line. Nothing puts a damper on a good rant like forgetting the lines.

Since the shooting, Martinez has become a national celebrity, speaking at rallies and pushing for gun control legislation.

That's a surprise.

In this video, (11) a young man shows a reporter where a victim was shot during the Santa Barbara City College shooting. He is either a doctor or a psychic, because he told the reporter that the victim was shot in the kidney so he "could tell that she was probably gonna make it."

One would think that if someone lay bleeding profusely on the ground, that there would be signs of bloodshed. However, the spot where the witness claims to have seen the girl laying on the ground shows no signs of blood, whatsoever.

In addition, there is footage from a nearby restaurant, (12) taken in the course of the shooting. Three "actors" sitting at the same table are smiling as if it is a joke. The woman in the video is twiddling with her hair and laughing. Who does that?

Cassidy Stay (13) was the sole survivor of a July 9 attack on her family. Stay was purportedly shot in the head, but deflected the bullet with her finger. Less than two days later, she was released from the hospital.

Three days after her family was allegedly slaughtered, she stood at a podium, pretending to wipe away non-existent tears. Stay's message to the world was to "stay strong," as she flashed the crowd a satanic hand single.

CBS News (14) called Stay a "remarkable girl."

Marcus Weaver (15) was an alleged victim in the Dark Knight shooting spree. His injury consisted of two bullet wounds to the arm. This didn't appear to stop him, however, from waving his "injured" arm in the air—still in a sling—as if he had never been injured.

The purported shooter's attorney, strangely enough, also appears to be one of the mothers in the Sandy Hook false flag. It is believed that her real last name is Sexton, and that she works for DHS out of Florida.

Did words ever come out of your mouth that you would give your life to be able to take back? This must be how Diane Richard (16) of the Pittsburgh police felt when she slipped up in an interview after the Pittsburgh school shooting, telling reporters that they were "looking for actors."


Robbie Parker, (17) alleged father of a 6-year-old Sandy Hook victim, is seen smiling and joking just seconds before he begins his news conference.

H. Wayne Carver (18) was supposedly the medical examiner for Sandy Hook. His acting was even worse—if possible—than Richard Martinez. In an interview, (19) he comes off as such a babbling moron that the viewer is almost embarrassed for him. Obviously nervous, after every answer, Carver laughs as if it is all a joke. How could a doctor make fun of such a horrible tragedy?

The officers in the video, on either side of Carver are clearly trying to keep from laughing; the one on the left is biting his lip to control himself.

Shortly after the Sandy Hook incident, reporters interviewed "Alex Israel," (20) Adam Lanza's purported one-time classmate. Israel recently resurfaced as "Katie Foley," sister of beheaded journalist. The video superimposes Israel and Foley's voice when she repeatedly says "Ummm" and the voice is identical.

Adriana Muñoz (21) (a/k/a Brenda Baca King) sure gets around. She appeared in an interview after Sandy Hook, speaking as a friend of Lanza's mother, spoke after the Boston bombing, was seen in a news clip about Watertown in 2013, and just happened to be the church pianist during the New Mexico church stabbings.

There is actually an organization called "Amputees in Action," (22) comprised of—you guessed it—amputee crisis actors.

Amputees in Action is a unique agency, working independently to provide the UK’s largest directory of trained professional amputee actors for the film and screen industries and for emergency and military services training simulations, both home and abroad.

Our personnel use their personal trauma experiences to enable graphic realism that is second to none, and our team of special effects (SFX) make-up, moulage and prosthetic artists use cutting edge technology to enhance and extend the appearance and function of limb-loss scenarios.

Nicholas Vogt, (23) is a disabled army veteran who made the front page of every newspaper in America when he was shown being wheeled down the streets of Boston with both his legs blown off. In reality, Vogt lost his legs in combat long before this event. Anyone paying attention would realize that someone who had just received such a serious trauma would either be dead or in shock, and would not be wheeled away in a wheelchair. Also, though they remembered to put fake blood on his leg, there was no trail of blood to be seen. He would have been pretty much bleeding to death at that point.

Another of the government's ploys is the use of provocateurs—mercenaries and other various troublemakers who mix in with a peaceful crowd to instill rage and destruction. Obama is drooling over all the military equipment that Zionist DHS gave to law enforcement agencies throughout the country, waiting impatiently for an opportunity to declare martial law.

The recent Ferguson incident (24) is a classic example. Provocateurs mingled in with the peaceful protesters and began throwing bricks at the police; others threw Molotov cocktails. DHS is responsible for this.

In response to the attacks on Sgt. Major Dan Page (25) by those who don't know the facts, Dan Page is a military veteran of every war since Vietnam. He has risked his life fighting for the country that he loves. He is a patriot, and a warrior. A former green beret himself, it is his rough demeanor that enabled him to lead all the rangers and green berets in Africa.

So for all the morons out there who don't have a clue about that which they speak, or for the cowards who are not man enough to defend themselves, much less their families, please shut your pie hole.

Despite the fact that they have been found out, the Valerie Jarrett regime continues to beat their Islamic heads against the wall, feigning one terrorist attack after another. One cannot help but feel compelled to ask just one simple question:

"Are you crazy or just plain stupid?"