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Are you competing on The Voice or American Idol for a job?

This may seem like it has no relevance to your personal career search. But if you know nothing about these two competitions, the contestants have made very calculated moves in choosing to compete in one of the shows instead of the other one. Depending on the industry or field you are in or want to move into, this will be critical criteria that will increase your ability to be successful. Here are the considerations that may make your job search move into a different direction:

  • Position your resume toward the right audience. If you are searching for opportunities on Craigslist or Monster ®, you will need to tailor your resume differently than a resume being posted on a company’s website or a larger job search engine.
  • Do you know what you want to do? American Idol has become the place to ‘find yourself’ through direction from the audience, judges, family, etc. The Voice is much more defined as the vehicle for people who know what genre they want to excel at.
  • Are you marketable? It really doesn’t matter which show you are connected to – talent is marketable. Understanding your strengths and where a company can use them is the difference between candidates that think they are valuable, and the ones that are hired.

No matter what show you feel most comfortable in, there is a career fair that you should attend to meet employers:

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