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Are You Committing Suicide - Slowly?

Suicide - inch by inch and step by step
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I have two dear friends who are suffering from major illnesses. Both of them are or have been in bad shape. I have tried to reach out to them with advice that they need to take an active part of their recovery process by doing the research on how their body works and what it needs for health. And they need to change their diet drastically. Neither has done so. It is so sad to see people refuse to stop contributing to their own demise.

Can you imagine someone who owns a Lexus pouring Pepsi into the gas tank? When the car doesn't run properly they take it to the shop and get a new engine and sparkplugs and everything else that can be swapped out. But the owner continues to pour Pepsi into the gas tank and the problems continue until the car won't run at all. This is what we're doing with our bodies by pouring in sugar, refined flour, chemicals, and other harmful substances. It brings the phrase to mind: "I have met the enemy and it is me."

I have another friend, who has been my best friend perhaps over the years, suffering from diabetes. I went with him to a ballgame where he ate an ice cream cone and several bags of candy during the game. I remarked that he should perhaps lay off the sugar. His reply was that he took medicine to take care of that problem so that he could eat that way. My other two friends love the Lord. I know that they'll be fine for eternity, but this friend I'm not so sure. This causes my alarm at his reckless diet patterns to increase exponentially.

I've heard people say things like "everything causes cancer so why should I worry about it" and "everybody has to die of something". It takes a lots of work to research and understand things. And to complicate this process there is almost as much disagreement and contradiction in the field of holistic healing as there is in the world of Christianity. One man touts that excess sulfur is the cause of many health problems while another person says that a lack of sulfur is the cause of many problems. In this situation, they both could be right. But if I take sulfur and I'm someone who is already getting too much sulfur, I've compounded the problem. I can't do the research and apply the fixes without someone skilled in reading the body. And to further complicate the issue, not all bodies are exactly the same. Doctors have to sometimes tweak and customize treatment because of those individual differences.

Let's face it. We love to eat foods that taste good to us. We might also love to run to sins that feel good to us. Both of those natural tendencies will get us into trouble. It's not easy but life requires self discipline to thrive. Self denial is no fun, but it pays off in the end. I try to offer advice on both physical and spiritual health and I either get an argument or a cold shoulder. That makes me want to give up and take their philosophical argument for mine own. Let's just eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. Why should I worry about them if they won't?

I'm reading a book right now called The Treasury of Natural Cures by Jonathan Wright.

If you visit his website, you'll probably be able to find out how you can obtain this book. I found it via an email offer. It was not cheap, but it is full of great stuff on what our bodies need to function properly in the 21st century. As Christians, we are called to maintain the temple of the Holy Spirit. That would be our body. Friends, family, houses, land, jobs, athletic teams, etc. all come and go in our lives. Our bodies are always with us. Don't we have a responsibility to take care of it?

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