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Are you celebrating National Coffee Day?

Don't forget National Coffee Day!
Don't forget National Coffee Day!
(Photo: Sanja Gjenero)

For caffeine junkies, today is probably just short of a holy day – September 29 is the yearly observance of National Coffee Day. With a little bit of advance planning, Kansas Citians could probably have spent the entire morning gulping down free java by making the rounds of Caribou Coffee, Krispy Kreme, 7-11, and Parisi all handing out freebies. Roasterie Cafes combined good coffee with good works by giving out free coffee in return for donations to Harvesters.

But what was that? You'd rather have a cocktail? Never fear, you can eat your cake and have it, too. Why make a decision when you can simply indulge in a delicious coffee cocktail?

Kentucky Pumpkin Spice coffee – The wonderful people that brought us Godiva Chocolates also bring us a wonderful collection of coffees, including their seasonal Pumpkin Spice coffee. Add a little bourbon, a little Tuaca, and you have a winning combination that just might make the Irish jealous.

Classic Irish Coffee – C'mon, it's Irish coffee. How could it not be good?

Brown Sugar Irish Coffee & other variations – Yes, Irish coffee is a classic. That doesn't mean you can't experiment.

Godiva Grand Marnier Mocha Frappe – If you're not in the mood for a piping hot drink, break out the blender. This recipe is based on another delicious Godiva coffee flavor, Chocolate Truffle. One word: delicious.

Looking for more cocktail ideas? Try one of these:


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