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Are you building your online community?



Today, savvy small business owners and entrepreneurs find themselves totally immersed in a new web culture. With the popularity of social media platforms from the top-ranked Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to personal blog sites, if you don't show up on the web on a daily basis, you don't exist in cyberspace.

Remember when you first realized that you even needed to establish a presence on the Internet to keep competitive? This scramble to post a "virtual brochure" for your product or service happened a little more than ten years ago if you were riding the trend. You had a web site and suddenly you were a global marketer, doing business 24/7.

Then, as millions of other businesses jumped online, you needed more than a static site -- you needed to be found to survive in the increasingly crowded space. Search engine optimization (SEO) became the focus -- if your business did not have a high Google rank, you couldn't be found.

Today, you need to be not only found, but to be relevant, interesting and providing consistent value for your prospective clients and customers. Building community is the new mantra for entrepreneurs and small business owners. As the trend continues to gain momentum, it's time to assess your online networking skills.

The overwhelming popularity of today's social media platforms speaks to our desire to be connected to each other in meaningful ways. Developing online social networks will serve your business well by building your brand within the communities that are important to you. Cultivating any kind of relationship -- virtual or not -- is not an event but an ongoing process that takes time and effort to maintain and nurture to reach its full potential.

According to a recent survey , within the next twelve months, a full 82 percent of businesses will be using social media to promote their brand and the goods and services they provide. Now is the time to start leveraging the power of social media for your business.

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