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Are you blasé about your pets’ special safety needs for the fourth?

Patriotic Pooch

Sarasota, FL – (July 2, 2014) – Yes you’ve heard it all before because we say it every year … yet every year’s the same: July 5 is the singular biggest intake day for shelters across the country. That noted, how can we assume anything other than that the warnings just aren’t being heeded?

If you’re among the unlucky ones whose petrified pet has disappeared among the noise and excitement of the holiday, we’re probably preachin’ to the choir here; once you’ve been through that you are pretty certain to not let it happen again. Yet the first-timers just keep on comin’, year after year, so we’ll try again as we always do:

  • Animals’ hearing and sense of smell is far keener than ours. The sight, sound, and smell of exploding fireworks along with the shattering vibrations and the acrid after aroma send countless dogs disappearing into the noisy night, running terror stricken until they’re exhausted but have they’ve gone so far they have no idea where they are or how to get home..
  • Many never make it back home. Many come to a tragic end. DO NOT LET YOUR PETS FALL INTO THIS SAD ANNUAL STATISTIC.
  • Keep your pet safely secured with food and water in a safe familiar area of your home. NOT IN YOUR YARD OR GARAGE, in your home.
  • Make certain your pet is wearing CURRENT, UP-TO-DATE, CLEARLY READABLE I.D. Not the one with your phone number from for number changes ago, or your old address, or everything rubbed off from everyday tag wear. A microchip in addition to visible I.D. is well advised.
  • If at all possible (and it shouldn’t be that difficult) have a Designated Dog (or cat) Sitter who will be there during all the noise and disruption of the community’s celebration.
  • Never allow animals near even non-explosive holiday items like sparklers, candy, alcohol, decorations, etc.

Pets don’t need independence; they are incredible DE-pendent on us for their safety and welfare, so don’t let them down.

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