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Are you awake to your pet's impact on the earth; what to do, whom will you tell

Become a Doggone Green Crusader
Become a Doggone Green Crusader
Environmental Working Group

Are you awake to your pet's impact on the earth? Are you and your pet eco-friendly? How much responsibility are you prepared to take to be greener? Does being earth friendly take a back seat during an economic downturn?

In preparing, for the holidays and the New Year ask yourself how you and your pet can make some straightforward changes to reduce your pet's carbon paw-print. Know that making even small change matters; then be ready to tell five of your dog's friends to do the same.

Begin by assessing your state of mind about sustainability. Do you have high regard for the natural world? Does nature's balance matter to you? As pet and people populations grow, demands on the earth are greater than ever before. Unhappily so, many of earth's natural resources have been harmed by lackadaisical attitudes and careless actions. What took billions of years to build up has been destroyed in a very short amount of time.

In the weeks ahead, Cedar Dog, the author and Doggone Green Crusader will examine her five-point Eco-agenda as she prepares for National Green Your Pet Month in April 2011. 

Eco-Solutions for a Pet's Daily life 

Do your part to end pet homelessness and pet over population. Spay and neuter, make sure your pet wears an ID tag, has an up-to-date license, a tattoo or microchip can insure a voice for a lost pet. Adopt your next pet from a recycled love zone (shelter).

Dog poop, keep waterways clean; humans Stoop to Scoop in your yard or on walks using a compostable or bio-degradable bag. Dog waste can be flushed.

Felines, tell your humans, you will no longer tolerate clay-based litters. Find a suitable plant-based alternative and transition cats slowly. 

What is in the food bowl? Learn to read labels, feed high-quality pet food, buy organic and local. 

Do away with toxic exposures, make sure your pet is safe and out of harm's way. Use only safe grooming and personal care products on pets, non-toxic, biodegradable household cleaners free of harsh fumes and chemicals. Rid outdoor dangers like fertilizers and lawn chemicals. Use flea products free of chemicals. 

Be sustainable in all that you do. Make it a habit to Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. Save a landfill, reduce your garbage, learn to compost, learn worm composting.




  • Beth L 4 years ago

    First, I absolutely love your term "recycled love zone" and it gave me a chuckle. I have a "hound hybrid" which sounds much nicer and environmentally friendly than the alternatives.

    We try and will keep trying to get even better. Purrs and tail wags for a great article!

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