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Are You Asking Questions???

Ask Questions...
Ask Questions...

Questions have personal power to solve, mend, create new thought and dive into limitless opportunity. Questions are a critical component in the persuasion process.

And there are a multitude of reasons why:

  • First off, when you ask a question you immediately gain someone’s attention. Have you ever noticed that when someone rambles on-and-on….ask a question, and your conservation becomes clearer, or even finally ends?
  • Questions put others on the defensive because they have to think of how they will answer your question.
  • That’s a good thing. Again you gain attention, and while they are thinking about how to answer your question, it gives you the opportunity to stop and think about what you’re going to do next.
  • Actually, in some cases, that time that you are allotted can enable you to make a decision that can be critical, maybe end the conversation for more important use of time or talk to others.
  • Questions also give another the ability to speak, which is a basic aspect of the way people wired.
  • People simply love to hear themselves talk. In fact, most of the time they are waiting for you to finish speaking so that they can begin.

Understanding about questions is so important to your growth in all aspects of life.

Every time you ask a question you open the door for another to speak about themselves and this will create a mood that makes them feel good about themselves. This opens the door to your ability to create rapport.

Questions are also of great way to meet new people. Have you ever noticed that one of the best ways to overcome situations where there’s an awkward silence is to begin asking the other person questions. Your questions could be about anything and it could instantly break up the dullness.

Questions also help improve distractions. Always be aware that distractions will work very much against a good conversation. Therefore, you can easily and tactfully ask a question to divert attention from whatever the distraction might be, and go back to engage the conversation.

For business situations, asking questions also will keep you in control because every time you ask a question and gain a response. TIP: In the business meeting, prepare and be sure you know exactly which questions you plan on asking and why.

For personal situations, asking direct questions could tend to award greater clarification, less assumption and you evoked action.

Questions can give you greater personal power to solve, mend, create new thought and dive into limitless opportunity.

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