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Are you an online shopper?

Save time by shopping online
Save time by shopping online
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Are you an online shopper or do you prefer traditional in-store shopping? Honestly, I love to shop so whether it's online or in store, I'm happy to do either!

There are, of course, benefits to shopping online that appeal to me and millions of other consumers with the most popular being convenience. Who doesn't like the thought of sitting on your couch or favorite chair in your PJ's and surfing the Internet for the best deals? The hassle of getting dressed, finding a great parking space and fighting the crowds are unnecessary and can easily be avoided in this day and age.

Over the past few years my online purchasing has become more and more frequent and has included items such as clothing, shoes, pet supplies and even computer software. The great thing about buying online is that one can read reviews submitted by others who have bought and used the exact same item. As we all know, the product description always sounds awesome and will never list anything negative or unappealing so we rely on the opinion and experience of others to guide us in making the right choices instead.

Recently, my husband and I had a discussion about whether or not to buy tax preparation software or to enlist the help of a professional tax preparation professional. In doing our online research, I had the opportunity to read up on some of the recent reviews of Sigma Tax Pro to make sure that the tax software was worth buying. I found out later that that the software was actually made by a professional software make Crosslink, but rebranded by Sigma Tax Professional. I feel much more confident in making an online purchase if I am able to read about the experiences of others who have made the same purchase.

It always pays to do your own research when making a purchase whether online or in store, especially if the item is of significant value or importance. I've also learned as a responsible consumer that by submitting my own reviews for products purchased, that I can help others make wise choices for their hard earned money.