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Are you acting the boss in your writing business?

You are the boss of your business!
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If you are a freelance writer, you own a business. You are the boss. Basically, you make the decisions about your business … not someone else.

The question now becomes, are you stepping into that power as a Long Beach professional? Are you taking responsible for your business?

How do writers give away their power?

  • They let their business be at the whim of their clients. They let their clients dictate terms and don't speak up when they disagree with those terms.
  • If they hire a coach, teacher or mentor, they try to get the "guru" to make the business decisions they hired them for help with. If your coach has integrity … he or she won't let you do that, for he or she honors your business sovereignty.
  • They allow a lack of business knowledge to get the better of them. Rather than doing the research necessary to move them toward their vision, they remain in reaction mode, buffeted around by circumstances.

As a freelance writer, you need to remember that you are also business owner … you are the boss … you make the decisions.

When you have a business mindset, you understand this. Although you may ask advice from coaches, consultants and mentors, you take responsibility for the decisions you make in your business.

That is a key part of having a business mindset … taking responsibility for your decisions and thinking for yourself.

Business owners are independent thinkers. So, as you cultivate your business mindset

  • You will think for yourself
  • You will take responsibility for your decisions
  • You will take the opinions of other under advisement … not as orders

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