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Are you a traveling writer?

I read an article in Writers Digest magazine about strange places that authors choose to write their book. For example, one author wrote in their bathtub and another liked to write in bed.

books and animals with books
books and animals with books
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pup and his book
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That article inspired me to write about different places an author can write that may give them inspiration.

I enjoy writing outdoors (when it is a cool day). There have been several times I have picked up my laptop, grabbed my keys and drove to a nearby park where I parked my car, rolled down the windows for fresh air and wrote for over an hour!

Here are some other ideas on where one can go for peace and quiet to write:

Visit a local hotel
Rent a hotel room for the weekend and write in peace and quiet!

On a train
Go on a weekend retreat and take a train ride. Bring your laptop and write on the train.

The park
Take along your notebook and write down your story ideas while catching some sunrays.

By the lake
Sitting by water and being surrounded by nature is a great place to write.

At the ocean
What brings more peace than the sound of the crashing waves when you write?

A mountain cottage
Sit in front of a roaring fireplace, in your pajamas and bring your novel to life!

At home
Remember the article I wrote about creating a space to write? When all else fails and you have no extra time or money to travel, go to your special place in the comfort of your own home to get your writing done.

If you live in Raleigh, NC try: Lake Lynn for an amazing outdoor writing place!

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