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Are you a single lady and straight? San Francisco is a good place to be

Valentine's Day, that delicious Hallmark holiday, is just around the corner. Turns out, if you are single, ready to mingle and a straight lady, San Francisco is a good place to be. The city has been ranked the best place in the country to live for heterosexual ladies.

Valentine's Day Flowers
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The fine folks at Nerd Wallet came to this conclusion by looking at the availability of singles, ease of meeting people and affordability of dating in cities across the country. San Francisco took the top spot due to the high numbers of unmarried men (although Nerd Wallet does not specify whether they did any research to determine if those single men are actually looking for straight women), our plethora of bars and the city's undeniable walkability. San Francisco is only one of two California cities to make the list.

Here is the top five list of cities where it is fabulous to be single, straight and a lady;
1) San Francisco, CA
2) Miami, FL
3) Minneapolis, MN
4) Seattle, WA
5) San Diego, CA

San Jose is one of the most romantic cities in the country

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