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Are you a satisfied patient?

Patient Talkback is a simple smartphone application. If you have not seen it yet, you will soon. It's a conversation waiting to happen between you and your physician.

The Health Innovators out of Cambridge, Massachusetts have developed the product and it's ready to roll. Patient Talkback in its basic form is free. Here's how it goes:

One day soon, you may need to see your physician for a health issue. You will make an appointment--and that's where you begin to think about patient satisfaction. Specifically, your satisfaction.

Upon arrival for your appointment, ask the friendly staff person who checks you in, if you could scan their QR code for Patient Talkback. Think for a moment; was she friendly? If her brow furrows and she doesn't know of what you speak, tell her it's the best tool around for measuring satisfaction since Mick Jagger.

Meanwhile, the Health Innovators will be checking in, to offer the information the medical office should know about Patient Talkback.

It's as easy as signing up and receiving a link in their email box. Even better, it's free for them too in the basic form. Who would want advanced? Hospitals, maybe. They could function on the basic, but you know hospitals have different needs. The Health Innovators are ready to accommodate those special needs.

For you, it's as easy as scanning the QR code that downloads the app immediately. You only have to scan once, unless you change medical practices. There is a QR code for everyone with Patient Talkback, and it's free.

Where else should you ask for the QR code? Dentists, nursing facilities, labs, long term care, rehabilitation, mental health, any category of health--ask for the code.

Patient Talkback is your voice. It's your control about what happens to you and your body. Plus, it's something each member of the family can have. Well, as long as they have a smartphone and providers that really do listen and care.

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