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Are you in a rut at work?

Tired of working!
Tired of working!
Erica Jamieson

Remember your first day of work? The night before you started your job, you were up half the night picking out the perfect outfit. The next morning you woke up an hour before the alarm sounded, and despite only getting four hours sleep you were wide awake. Do you often wonder what happened to those days?

If you just cannot seem to shake feelings of being in a rut maybe it’s time for a new job, a promotion or maybe even a different company. Being in a rut at work may be spillage from other components of your life, for example, a stalled marriage or relationship. Upon due consideration, once you determine the source of your discontentment is in fact your job, then it may be time to make some serious changes.

Five signs that you are in a rut a work;

• When your alarm goes off you throw it across the room instead of hitting the snooze button.
• It only takes you fifteen minutes to get ready for work.
• You seem to be always waiting for your breaks and lunch.
• You don’t stay at work a second longer than you need to.
• You check the classified for other jobs “just to see”.

A complete career change may be just what the doctor ordered. Things to consider are plentiful with this decision. Will you need extra training or education? Starting a new job often means starting at the bottom, are you prepared to support yourself financially if you have to take a cut in pay or time off to go back to school?

If the thought of a complete career change or going back to school frightens you then a move of this magnitude may be too much. Speak to your boss regarding a promotion, raise or a transfer. A promotion provides you with more opportunities and more money, which is never a bad thing. Feeling underappreciated can hinder our ability to enjoy our job, thus a bump in pay could be the just the incentive you need to pull yourself out of your rut. If a raise isn’t in the company budget, then you may consider changing jobs within the organization. A different job in the same company will satisfy your immediate need for a change and leaves your safety intact.

Every now and then everyone goes through a period in their life when everyday feels like the same day. If your job is the cause of this then making some simple changes may be all you need or a bigger move may be in order. Regardless of what changes you make just make sure you do what’s best for you.

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