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Are you in a job search slump?

You probably thought that a job search was going to be a sprint instead of a marathon. It’s not going as you expected. You are tired of emailing people or calling them. They say they will contact you when they hear of something, however, you rarely hear from them either by email or telephone. You get up in the morning look at a couple of job boards, respond to a few and nothing happens. You go through the day in a semi trance state and one day goes into the next and more of the same. Does this sound familiar?
You need to break this routine. Here are some suggestions to break these patterns:
1. Review your resume once more. Look at ads in your field. Does your resume include the core competencies , that are in most of the ads in your field? If companies are looking for certain skill sets and you are not including them in significant places on your resume, you won’t get selected.
2. Revive the networking process by contacting former business associates. You would be surprised how long it has been since you touched base with many people in your network. I am sometimes shocked that I haven’t connected to many employers that I know for more than two years. In my mind I recently had contact with them. Some don’t respond and other do with sometimes new business. You can do the same. If it’s worthwhile, set up a meeting.
3. Make new contacts. Linkedin is a wonderful tool. Use alumni groups and professional groups to contact people. Send out many requests for contact meetings. Sales people know that they have to reach out to many people to get positive responses. Do it until you get some results.
When you get lethargic during the job search, the best cure is action. Don’t forget to reward yourself for making this effort and getting results by doing something you enjoy. Happy job hunting.

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