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are you a boy or a girl?

this is the worste thing i think ive ever seen. notice the options for boy games.
this is the worste thing i think ive ever seen. notice the options for boy games.

In recent weeks we have heard more rumblings of upset gamers on the subject of gender representation in games than normal. It really started when Ubisoft announced that “unfortunately” they would not be including a female option for their new multiplayer Assassins Creed title due to the huge amount of work it would be to make them. This was only made worse when their claims were disputed by a former AC designer, catching Ubisoft in a rather embarrassing lie. ( )

Now we see Hyrule Warriors and all of their fabulous new character announcement trailers, almost exclusively featuring female characters, leaving the only guy in the roster so far to be link himself. Firing up the debate “Are there too many women in this game?”. ( )

It always seemed silly that people got up in arms about having to play as one gender vs the other, sure in multiplayer it’s nice to have a verity of choices, but in a first person game you can’t see more than the hands. Refusing to play a game based on the gender of the main character is downright ignorant and denying yourself of something potentially wonderful. Though some developers are just at fault for this kind of behavior as anyone else, the whole genre of “girl games” is quite embarrassing and only feeds the idea that ladies aren’t as good at core games or only like to play games built on things explicitly feminine.

There have been and will continue to be many games in which people complain about the gender options. But if these two games are any indication, no one is ever happy and people will always find something to complain about. This fact in no way condones or defends Ubisoft’s lying behavior, but when companies like Nintendo give us awesome characters to choose from, don’t focus on them being a girl or not, focus on how badass they are doing what they do!