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Are You a big, fat Liar?

Mark Aguirre
Mark Aguirre
A Tak

Your level of Killer Confidence can be expressed non-verbally and is essential to mastering your social environment.

Sometimes, wondering what to SAY with your mouth is nowhere as important as focusing on what you are saying with your body.

1. Even if you're not Italian, if your hands and arms are waving all about, emphasizing your point and conveying your enthusiasm about a point, then you are most likely telling the truth. Otherwise, when you don't believe in what you're saying, your body language echoes these feelings and becomes inexpressive. So, if you ask someone a question and her hands clench or go palm down or they are expressionless, this is a sign of defensiveness and withdrawal.....and there is a good chance she's a big, fat liar.

2. Next time you are watching a live court case, a live police interrogation or simply watching a politician attempt to talk his way out of a situation on live TV, notice when the guilty party raises his hand to his face while he is responding or making a statement. This is often a strong indication of deceit. They also cover their mouths while speaking which indicates that they really don't believe what they are saying is the truth. Touching the nose, scratching behind the ear, or rubbing the eyes is a another clear sign of deception.

3. When people feel confident they tend to stand tall or sit up straight. This behavior also indicates how people feel about themselves in general. Are you secure and confident and stand tall with your shoulders back? If so, people will gravitate towards you.....the QUALITY people that you seek in your life.

On the other hand, if you have calluses on your knuckles because you hunch over when you walk or are always the person with your hands in your pockets, then you too will attract others.....but typically, the ones you DON'T want in your life. Remember: you are what you attract.

For example: studies have clearly shown that the best way to avoid being mugged is to walk briskly and confident with your head up and your arms moving. Showing weakness on the street is like a fawn showing weakness in the wild....the attack from a prowler is more likely.

4.The person who is being deceitful will have little or no physical contact with the one he is talking to. While making a false statement, or during a conversation containing one, the liar will rarely touch the other person. He's unconsciously reducing the level of intimacy to help alleviate his own guilt.

5.A person who speaks the truth is not concerned about whether you misunderstand him; he is always willing to clarify. The liar on the other hand, wants to be sure that you understand his point immediately so that he can change the subject and no further questions will be asked. When his evidence is fragile, the words he uses are bold and solid, to compensate for the lie itself.

Pretty interesting stuff right? I send more in the next report. In the meantime, talk with strangers and run with's totally OK.

Until next time....

Mark Aguirre
Confidence Specialist
Killer Confidence
Los Angeles

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